7 new features that will make you want to have Windows 10

After a long conference presentation, Windows 10 is postulated as a great operating system, willing to take ahead the competition in several aspects that could leave Mac and Linux in ridiculous. It is true, the Microsoft company has many detractors and there are plenty of reasons to be on one side or the other, although we can not ignore the presented innovations.
If you were waiting for the novelties of the new Operating system of the window, here are 7 reasons why just available, you should switch to Windows 10.

#7 Mayor security

One of the first songs mentioned in the Conference that Microsoft returned to show the progress of Windows 10, was security. Obviously, there have been recent developments that have put in check the "online safety" concept, and is an issue that already nobody can miss. In addition, the company highlighted a timely fact of reality that we live: are increasingly under the ages of Internet users, and increasingly is earliest age in which purchased their devices. For that and other reasons, Windows 10 intends to be an operating system safe and reliable, adjectives that do not necessarily apply to some earlier versions of Windows.

#6 a clear and dynamic interface

Another aspect in which focuses the company is design and interface, acknowledging some mistakes in Windows 8 by changing things that were strong points in Windows 7 (or usual reason). And is that you as the saying goes: "If it's not broken, you don't fix it"...
Windows aims at the unification of users, returning the best of 7 and 8, to offer it as the best of the 10. And all of this without forgetting the different capabilities that we can have on each device, touch screen, mouse and keyboard, giant or small monitor, etc. Any user should have a good experience with the new product, and although they can not ensure 100%, this seems to be another of the concerns of Microsoft, and another improvement that would have this new version.

#5 Máximo advantage to the device from which you access

Something that really caught attention in the presentation of Windows 10, was able to work synchronously with the same operating system, both in PC, tablet, hybrids and mobile... And all that with automatic and intuitive changes. Really isn't much people who can make the most of this functionality, but high levels of Internet (business use, and not domestic), is something that is really appreciated.
While most Windows 10 options are the same in all versions, there are details that change as you go from a phone or PC, for example, making its use more chord.

#4 Applications cross-platform

As mentioned in the previous point, the approach platform that has the new Windows makes that there are shared packages, and specific applications according to your device. For example, the Office package will come already integrated in the mobile version, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. While in the desktop version, is content that we will have to get separately.
Another addition is support for video games, which will provide more options to those who possess an Xbox console, with a usable system from console or PC interchangeably.

#3 Excelent gamer and compatibility with Xbox support

Today, already playing video games is not what it was. The ages of users vary enough, the same thing with sex, which us far from the stereotype of the gamer as a teenage male. It is that any PC should be considered not only as a working tool, but as a source of entertainment. And why are Xbox Music, DVR system and all Live support.
Another thing that Microsoft took duly into account is streaming, a trend that continues to grow among the players, who recorded and share your game games. That is why the DVR system allows not only capturing your session but also to edit and share them on your social networks, without much need for programs or external services.
Finally, the emergence of DirectX 12 assures a better graphic performance in upcoming games, with a performance that would reach up to 50% more, consuming half of energy today in turn consume DirectX 11.

#2 Cortana, now also in our PC

Along with video games, the artificial intelligence it is made present again thanks Cortana, a departure from the game Halo, Assistant and which had made its appearance in mobile phones. Now, this wizard will also be versions of PC to help us with notifications and basic tasks, like for example sending emails or access certain online information or system.
The character, whose voice is given by the actress Jen Taylor, is a futuristic hit that will be a great addition to Windows 10, and somehow revolutionize all the operating systems that are yet to come...

#1-a new concept in web browsing

Under the temporary name of "Spartan Project", the browser Windows 10 (which would not necessarily replace Internet Explorer) is one of the most attractive for many users, since the poor quality of the previous Windows browsers is a great and favorable change for this new version.
3 strengths of this new browser are the inclusion of Cortana also as Assistant searches online (with an artificial intelligence that unifies all the uses of this wizard to "know us perfectly"), and the addition of 2 new functions for the display of web pages: the "note-taking mode", which allows us to freeze a screenshot (with still active hyperlinks(, as opposed to a "normal" screenshot) to make annotations or drawings on it; and the "reading mode", which presents the web site as if it were a Word file, along with a "reading list" add pages of interest, and even files in format.PDF. Undoubtedly, 3 features that will disadvantage even the browsers most used currently.
Now, already with these data presented, hope that we can receive more news about this operating system, which will be a free update for users of Windows 7 and 8, during his first year of output with the passing of the months.
Article contributed for educational purposes

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