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The definition for acarofobia is the irrational fear and continuum of mites or maggots that cause itching and discomfort. Normally, people affected by this disease show symptoms such as shortness of breath, excessive sweating, feeling of malaise, palpitations, tremors, confusion and fear of death. The disorder may lead the individual to a State of insanity, lack of control, detachment from reality or stress attacks and intolerance with the people around you.

This type of phobia originates in the unconscious of people as a mechanism that defends some past trauma that has to do with insect attack and/or Arachnids, itching caused by bugs, insect bites, among others. When stimulated, the acarof├│bico is a direct response to fear. In more severe cases, the subject comes to be alert all the time. In the initial state, the acarofobia cause just a punctual response to stimuli caused by any threat.

The acarafobia is a disorder considered rare and diagnosis for the disorder have to be precise, because most people demonstrate a fear of insects, mites and other bugs around the world without necessarily having acarofobia. Only the presenting symptoms which refer to the phobia should receive special treatment and monitoring of health care professionals. If it is not treated quickly, the acarofobia can have a devastating effect on the person, compromising their quality of life and that of everyone around.

In the film Possessed (Bug), released in 2006 by Director William Friedkin, who directed the Exorcist, a couple has the terrible feeling of being chased by invisible insects. The paranoia of the two comes to an end when isolated in a hotel room to seal the walls with aluminum foil to protect the alleged creatures.

There are several treatments for acarofobia. One of them is the neuro-linguistic programming, that studies how the patient creates a reality in which it is at all times to the point of being victim of insects and small animals. This therapy reconstructs parts of memory that lead to acarofobia, bringing the patient back to its normal state. Another treatment is the Energy Psychology, which is a kind of emotional acupuncture based on an age-old practice. The victim of acarofobia can also consult a psychologist, that will help you to win and control the fear through conversations and advice or leaving for cognitive therapy, in which behavioral changes are encouraged through practical exercises.
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