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The concept of accommodation, in psychology, indicates the mechanism of inner change of subject. He understands the life in society through its knowledge framework. As these structures are not inherent in be, but incorporated in your coexistence with the environment, the development of cognition is equivalent to the production of structures.

It can be said that the elements that trigger this process are heredity, living material, dissemination and social balance.

The hereditary aspect exerts a power over progress, but not enough to satisfy him. The maturing itself is directly related to the action of the individual. As is not a factor as, ends up being relegated to a second plan.

The experience in the physical sphere is the result of activities practiced in the material dimension. Here is part of the conjugation between the different movements exercised by the child in relation to the artifacts that surround it.

The dissemination is part of the social educational sphere. The way the child absorbs your environment is enabled by the principles governing the progress. Already the balance is fundamental and vital element in the improvement of this mechanism of accommodation to the context in which it is inserted.

One must seek stability between the other three components of the growth process and counterbalance the revelation of a new idea with those that were already in force in probabilities of understanding of the child or the adult.

Assimilation, in turn, is the way in which an individual enters a newly-conquered information in existing cognitive framework. Is when a child is experiencing a new reality and fits her.

She strives at all times to accommodate the newly acquired external agents to the standards that already owned. Just to better understand: how a boy sees for the first time an ounce, he seeks to create a similarity between this animal and other similar, as the cat, a creature that was part of their world.

Accommodation occurs in cases where the child has no success in attempting to incorporate the stimulus that just received. That is, there is no knowledge to a wingspan of new account just given because of the uniqueness of the encouragement. There's two ways to go: produce a different method or change a pre-existing planning.

Assimilation and accommodation there are depending on each other, there is a reciprocal relationship between the two. The context does not triggers just memorising sensations or the production of replicas; He arouses active adaptations.
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