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Anxiety is a great evil of contemporary civilization. She is usually constant excitation in which we live, of situations of stress and pressure, especially within professional. The busy life, the speed of events, the excess of information, the acceleration of time, everything that excessively stimulates the Central Nervous System, which usually is prompted before situations of danger. This emotion is of the same family of fear, distinguishing him by motivations – in the case of fear, the causes are evident, while the concrete of anxiety, all symptoms are generated by the anticipation, for reasons vague and abstract, more subjective.

The result of a connection between organic and psychic symptoms, anxiety is inherent in man's biological system, preceding events involving tension, danger or seizure. Its symptoms are patents and undeniable, but did not require treatment, since they are passengers. They are triggered from a surge of Norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter produced in the adrenal glands, in locus amigdalóide nucleus and cerúleos. Anxiety causes so physical signs that something is wrong, such as palpitations, sweating, trembling, muscle tension, increase of urinary and fecal secretion, increased intestinal mobility, headache, fatigue, insomnia, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, chest pain, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing and relax, a lump in my throat, among others.

A State of acute anxiety can cause a disorder known as panic attacks, that requires specific treatment. The anxiety has become regular companion in the life of most people, depending on the life they lead, almost always of poor quality. Unfortunately, it can cause a lowering of self-esteem, because the individual begins to believe that he is unable to perform certain tasks. From this moment on, he goes to live with the fear, mostly of making mistakes, which sometimes causes a paralysis in the actions and attitudes, preventing him even attempting to perform a job.

It is also believed that traumatic events of the past – something said by somebody, an insult, slander, a negative action that, from a certain moment, echoes in the life of the affected person – can be backstage stories that trigger anxiety, representing the role of invisible factors of these emotional disturbances. It is often necessary to resort to a therapy, combined with a good psychiatric treatment and the other complementary therapies, to get rid of this evil psychic, finding a way of overcoming this challenge, and an existence imbued with better quality and a constant mental maturation.

All emotion has in our life a positive and a negative role. The positive aspect of anxiety is that it also carries out the function of warning sign in our body, contributing to their self-preservation. Should not be considered a normal state, but in some ways is a healthy resistance that indicates something negative happening in emotional system of the individual. Curious note, in this respect, the animals, which also pass through this experience, to prepare to flee or to fight, own means of preservation. The man still has memories printed on mind and body, of its cave inhabitant, times when I lived in a State of alert, fighting for survival. Since those days not too remote, the Central Nervous System was stimulated to face the dangers, which were not few.

The risks of current society, however, are interpreted as instrumental to the biological factors of ancient primates. The threat of losing the status, power, lovers, friends, the possibilities to implement certain plans, the proximity of the unknown, of the new, and many other modern hazards, are triggering factors of this emotional imbalance.

The anxiety just cannot become pathological, because from this stage it prevents growth, development and the confrontation of difficulties, leaving the patient a emotional paralysis which complicates his life and blocks the psychic mechanisms of adaptation to new situations and existential contexts.
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