Concept and What is: Attention | Psychology

The Attention is a necessary phenomenon to the learning process, during which the intelligence picks and highlights certain incentives and produces a connection between them. The human being is bombarded by stimuli all the time, originating from various sources.

But the man can only answer some of them, because it would be impossible to react to its entirety. Is a mechanism of high significance in some specific fields, such as, for example, the pedagogy. In colleges the student is forced to focus its attention on the subjects transmitted by teachers; for that you have to delete other incentives imagéticos, audible or any other nature.

The attention, however, is not linked only to focus on a single stimulus, when it is said that she is concentrated; the subject may also break it, in cases where multiple triggers external incentives chooses and at the same time, such as when you are browsing on the computer and at the same time answering his cell phone.

To pay attention to something you must obey the three primary requirements. Physiological attention plan is subject to the condition of the neurological system and the context in which the person is immersed. In motivational sphere everything unfolds as the stimulus is manifested and attracts the individual.

In the field of the concentration phenomenon if it submits the appeal and performance level of the stimulus, and is able to lead to a more perfect approach of origin of incitement. In fact, this origin can be visual, aural and Synaesthetic.

Worth to note that attention is always connected to the degree of awareness of the subject. For this reason one should not believe that she is an independent mental practice. In the case of a person, for example, with disruption of its sphere conscious, she usually presents alterations in their degree of attention and expresses a passive attention amplification, revealing woman. However, when the subject is numb, considered that he is hipovigilante, as when someone is depressed.

To give an idea of the importance of attention, just imagine what it would be like any performance of the psyche without her expression; She would like a daydream inaccurate, disseminated and constant. To focus attention on something, the individual selects a subject in your conscience and the highlights, preserving it severely highlighted, without letting the external balls to affect mental level aware. Outside this caution, he has the power to change their thematic choices at home.
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