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Since the childhood of humanity life is ruled by the harmony between the human mind and the cosmos, partners in creating hypotheses and concepts. The man is enveloped in a network that relates to each other and the universe; all intertwine and interacts within the framework of creation, and the tune is a compelling law.

A camera in the Act of shooting, captures images, converts them into beams of electromagnetic energy that travel through the atmosphere in the form of waves until the receivers with she tuned, where they are decoded and translated again in imagistic dimensions. These energetic bundles contain all of the information constituting the data encrypted.

Similarly the mind of man captures external stimuli, produces images in its interior, send these productions in the form of mental power, from which emanate mental waves that are sent to those who maintain a narrow tuning, and the intellect of these are deciphered and transformed again into images. The difference is that human thought is a two-way street; feature-rich, not only emits mental creations, but also gets them back, enriched by other ideas.

In the human mind all images transformed into mental chain also preserve all its features. Thus, when the thought radiates around be, before being directed to their related form projections that reflect the thought forms, i.e., every idea has a frequency, a format and a distinct mental wave. These mental irradiation, which configures a halo around the individual, constitute the aura.

If the person is sad, she emits a thought corresponding to this sadness, which is converted to a given mental wave, which vibrates in a specific way. Therefore, all be issues around, each time that elaborates an idea, formula words or practice actions, an energetic atmosphere that mirrors the mental conditions, desires, feelings, the images produced in the mind.

Everything in the universe and the human being is made up of energy. The man wears during the material life, a physical body, but this is closely intertwined to a more subtle corporality, called perispirit. This spiritual body, rich in energy resources, is composed of fluids that don't allow themselves to delimit the organic sphere and expand in the form of electromagnetic energy, which is named aura.

Today, with the advancement of technology, not only the seers can see this luminous sphere, but it is also possible to register it through of modern pictures kirlianas. Although this energy field is not the exclusive property of human beings, it features unique peculiarities, after all, the man is the only being who holds the power of thought and the gift of reflection.

Through the vibratory level of each emotion, it is possible to distinguish several varieties of auras, which express faithfully the mental condition of each; No matter how many masks the social individual view, if their energy fields are visible, it will immediately laid bare in its essence. Through this vibration, people more sensitive, even though they cannot view the aura, they can unravel, even partially, the emotions of a being.
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