Concept and What is: Character | Psychology

The character of an individual is his way of being, its own characteristics, their temperament. He is a personality trait, which relates to the usual way of each Act. This group of attributes, good or bad, makes up the behavior and the moral values of the people, as a result of an evolutionary process of the subject, of his conviviality with family, school, society as a whole. Our qualities and defects are inherent in our character.

The man is present, without masks, in your thoughts. These summarize the be, and so define the character of an individual. The positive aspects of this fundamental component of personality are slow and gradual achievements involving firmness of purpose, determination, courage and a persistent effort. The knowledge of our potential and our weaknesses too contributes to this building of character, which involves arguably the transformation of thoughts, i.e. your debugging. The shadows that inhabit the soul of man were also sometime sown by him, through mental creations. We see, then, that the individual is a construction of himself, he forges his own self, in the intimacy of your thoughts. Between being perfect and almost instinctive beings, close of animalism are the most varied degrees of character.

Although the environment in which the individual lives is very important, the man brings itself its character since the moment of birth. He belongs to the very spirit, the educational patterns interfere only in the choices of the subject, but even these will guide primarily by the character. When this turns out to be strong, for example, the person is always in a State of readiness, there is a red light constantly flashing in front of paths that appear before her, as much as they appear to be the most appropriate right now. Once belongs essentially to the man, the character is something you can't learn, or if gets. Education and culture advise the subject in their decisions in life, but both suffer mutation over time, while the character ultimately is the differential in the crucial moment of choice.

Experience, knowledge, education, family formation, are some of the instruments that the man is worth to model his character. Is something like a seeding, that redound to the crop, and the fruits will be proportional to seed grown. This process is required the patience of the good farmer, the wisdom of someone who knows how to be indispensable to know and obey the laws of nature, taking care not to break them, preventing so the abortion the results of cultivation. So if the character shapes, learning from mistakes and falls out of the way, with perseverance and determination.
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