Concept and What is: Dysthymia

Dysthymia is characterized by a milder depressive state, associated with a mood disorder. She usually is diagnosed after persist for two years, without interruption, in the adult psyche, or for one year in the childlike mind. Their difference with respect to conventional depression is the intensity of clinical signs. Normally this disorder does not cause radical transformations in the routine of the patient, because he continues to exercise his everyday activities, but can't feel good at what he does, is unable to live fully, with joy.

Its duration is greater than the observed in the more serious cases of depression, causing the stricken people long-term internships discouragement, lack of hunger or appetite too; lack or excess of sleep; sadness persevering; dismay, extreme tiredness, loss of energy; trouble to concentrate and take action; loss of hope.

Many patients do not give much attention to these signals, because some have this painting since childhood, thus believe that this is a natural condition, his way. This leads them to seek medical aid belatedly, because although find, where more radical, difficulties in social interaction, finding solace to yourselves of all, still retain the ability to workeven not producing as much as would be desirable, if their minds present the same performance and the same speed of thought of other people.

To be sure of the occurrence of dysthymia, it is necessary to eliminate the possibility of exacerbation of humor, like the stories of mania or hypomania, as well as deeper depressions, caused by internal or external problems. The presence of a constant irritation, impatience persevering, antisocial behavior, sensation of inconvenience, in addition to the symptoms described above, mark the incidence of dysthymia, after exclusion of other psychological disorders.

Usually these patients show worryingly low self-esteem, constant suicide ideas, aggressive attitudes, loss of interest in the tasks before you caused intense joy and pleasure, lack of sexual urges and attraction partners, urge consumption of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, if had the habit of enjoying these vices, tendency to dream about the issues that cause the depressive state in which he finds himself, among others.

Dysthymia can occur at any stage of life, even as a child, when the child has a certain awareness that something is wrong with her, because she feels different from the others. This disorder can be precocious, when occurs before the 21 years, or late to manifest itself after this age group. As for treatment, the patient can achieve positive results with the use of certain antidepressants such as fluoxetine, sertraline, paroxetine and mirtazapine. Psychotherapy is also very suitable in these cases.
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