Concept and What is: Ectoplasm

The ectoplasm, according to Parapsychology and the spiritist doctrine, is a type of steam white tone emanating from the alleged psychic, typically through the mouth, but also through any other part of the body, used commonly in materializing sessions, IE for the Constitution of bodies other than those of materials where the fluid gushes.

He is also a key ingredient in the process of ectocoloplasmia, the production of fractions or pieces of the utensil or entity materialized – hands, faces, busts, among others. The existence of this fluid psychosomatic, externado of the people with psychic gifts, has not yet been scientifically proven.

This substance has the appearance of a fluid, Ethereal luminous body manifested outside the be, transparent and subtle, which only manifests itself from gifted psychic mediumship of physical effects. The ectoplasm is susceptible to some external impulses, which are intentionally triggered during materialization sessions, when the spirits can take concrete and tangible ways in front of assistants.

The expression was compiled by researcher Charles Richet, Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine in 1913 for having developed a work concerning the mechanism of anafilaxias. Soon after he began to devote himself to the understanding of the phenomena of materialization triggered by Eva C., psychic of physical effects, in 1903, in the city of Algiers, capital of Algeria.

Gustave Geley, creator of the international Metapsíquico Institute Paris, performed some experiments on sessions attended by other scholars; over the work, according to the researcher, various spiritual entities or operators, as he preferred to call them, acted on the brain structure of the medium, unleashing so irradiation of ectoplasm not visible, which totaled up to compose the required amount for the outbreak of the events of materialization and levitation.

The phenomenon just hasn't had scientific validity because its driver is not worth of a consistent method in these events produced in the late 19th and early 20TH century; the lack of a theoretical-experimental system enabled, unfortunately, the manipulation of explorers of good faith, which were later caught in his illegal files.

During the sessions of materializing the body remains at rest while the ectoplasm emanate spiritual beings, in the form of a gelatinous consistency and partially liquid, through the orifices, particularly thoracic and radiated off his fingertips.

The ectoplasm is closely linked to the mind of the medium, hence the need him purify your thoughts, keep your body free of toxins, is produced by red meat, either those which emanate from the alcohol. Any idea less committed high vibrations and endanger this fluid, compromising even the life of the medium. Its odour is peculiar, difficult to be featured, and usually is deposited on the underside of the body of the psychic, a pulsating and active substance.
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