Concept and What is: Group dynamics

The group dynamics are activities that enable the recruiter know a little of each candidate, so it has bigger and better features at the moment of selecting the most suitable profile for a given position. Various exercises are carried out, usually with people accommodated in a semicircle, for everyone to stay relaxed and stripped, ready to be evaluated.

Usually applicants for employment have to be able to face the obstacles and challenges are proposed to them, symbolizing them through the elaboration of corporate advertising, dramatic acts, public views, among other means. Applicants must be aware of everything, always trying to anticipate what you are expecting of them, looking not to commit any mistake. They should not be ashamed or embarrass with certain tasks to be performed, but with the ultimate goal, conquer the vacancy in question.

These dynamics are tools responsible for selecting features to capture the creative potential of each, as well as the knowledge necessary to face this crucial moment, we must demonstrate creativity, improvisational ability. It doesn't matter to evaluate only the recruiter know candidates ' intellectual, but also the emotional intelligence of them, what is your mentality, your feelings, how is the life of these pretenders, which their problems more incisors.

The dynamics also aim to bring candidates to reflect on the selection process, implement it, transmutá it and renew it, integrating it new dimensions. The techniques used in these group meetings allow people involved release the potential creator and transformer which often lies dormant in each one, thus enabling that learning, in all senses, to flow more freely between them, in this collective rationalization mechanism and, rightfully so, enriching. People change, right now, in subjects of knowledge.

To achieve this level of liberating education, the dynamics should be geared to quirky themes, not random, focused on concrete goals and nature of this selection process. It is therefore essential that is crystal clear to the recruiter the objective to be achieved.

All available means may be used in the practice of these dynamics, since they contribute to their realization – from TV, video, sound, role, to paints, maps, meditations, theatrical techniques, production of texts, among many others instruments. The environment chosen for the activities should fit perfectly to them, so that everyone can enter the climate. It is essential also stipulate a maximum period for the preparation of tasks.

Some experts give important tips for candidates facing better this time, such how to dress according to the costume of the undertaking in question; speak only in more propitious time, always with one goal in mind, looking like that know everything about where the Corporation intends to work; use the English language correctly, without cacoetes as ' right ', ' OK ', or clichés and without any use exclamations; interventions should be educated, energetic and brief.
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