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Jealousy is a feeling well known to all. Who never experienced throughout life? This means that it is a common emotion, giving up a certain flavor to the affective relationship. Some even claim that it keeps the flame of passion burning. And also, like fear, is a kind of antenna that warns us about the presence or absence of love in the relationship, so indicates the proximity of a certain danger to the interaction between the partners.

But, to exceed certain boundaries, it becomes harmful and pathological, causing deep damage to the relationship. Jealousy, in French, translates to ' jalousie ', an expression of which originated the word ' lattice ', who has long ago denoted the term window. It is said that some husbands, jealous of their wives, imported into their residences or Venetian blinds, blinds for these guys to be hidden from the looks of others and at the same time could follow external events-this is the view of Professor doctor of Literature Dionysus da Silva.

This feeling usually involves three people – the jealous, the object of jealousy and the agent who provoked it. In this complex love triangle, the feelings of loss and threatens to lead to the outbreak of this emotion that can become highly explosive. In some ways, you could say that he is present in the human instincts, but in excess demonstrates that the person is not able to control their impulses. It also involves another issue, that of confidence, which leads us to another important point of safety.

When the individual is unable to develop enough self-esteem, sit lower than the other and therefore is constantly insecure. He even compares to others, and unconsciously feels defeated in this comparison. So, is always in a State of alert in this persistent competition he even engineered. It is natural then he starts seeing ghosts where they don't exist, and end up turning your fear of losing the loved one in a terrible obsession.

In this way, just away from the other, which makes him even more insecure, jealous and obsessive, creating a sort of vicious circle in this relationship is doomed to fail. Desperate, the partner shall control and limit further the life of another person, restricting his freedom by bombarding it with accusations often without any grounds, suffocating to the point the be loved the romantic relationship ends up falling apart from time. This pathological jealousy raises in its wearer an intense burden of resentment, sorrow and, sometimes, a sick desire for revenge, which, unfortunately, may cause the famous crimes of passion.

Is what you see portrayed in the famous Shakespeare's tragedy "Othello the moor of Venice". In this work, crazed with jealousy of his beloved Desdemona, which he believes cheating on him with his best friend, Othello, unable to submit his impulses to reason, what's to stop him from realizing his wife's innocence, cedes to his instincts and kills her. In daily life we see this same story is repeated without ceasing. This feeling is truly democratic, because anyone, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or social class, is subject to him. He just disappears when the man learn really to love, which implies learn that nobody owns anyone, because the other is free, and thus only the bonds of love can keep you on our side. Therefore, only to heal the pain of the soul, among them fear, lack of confidence in himself and in the other, insecurity, among others, is that this monster Devourer of affective relations be defeated.
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