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The self-criticism refers to the internal capacity of the individual to make a criticism of himself. She implies in the analysis of their actions, their way of acting, the mistakes made and the possibilities of conducting an AutoCorrect. In this way the subject if improves. This mechanism is inherent in the process of self-knowledge-the being knows himself, identifies their strengths and weaknesses, its potential, and from then on corrects the direction of his existential journey, and also applies to a social group and an institution.

This succession of psychic movements, which composes the encounter of the individual with himself, and that passes necessarily by self-criticism, is more complex than it looks. Usually people are so immersed in the routine, and anxious to see the other inherent defects, as well as to judge their fellow, who forgets to turn to yourself and carry out a thorough examination of their own attitudes. Those who venture inside on this journey are on your trail high-brow and susceptibilities, locks and many other difficulties.

On the other hand, there are people extremely perfectionists that require too much of themselves, and so exaggerate on their self-evaluation, diving deep into the self-criticism and just seeing defects and shadows in your inner man. While others make mistakes by the lack of this quality, these sin by its excess. It is necessary to always find the balance in these psychological processes.

In political philosophical doctrines such as Marxism-Leninism-junction of the theories of Karl Marx and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin as Ulianov-, self-criticism is seen as a scientific method and also while constant political exercise. Through this method the Socialists seek the transformation of society through the practice of communism, final result of a dialectic development – confrontation between thesis and antithesis, from which springs the synthesis that becomes thesis and gives string to this infinite process. This way of approaching reality encompasses a constant search for truth and the improvement of a reality, that passes through a permanent examination of real-criticism-and by looking for perfection also inside – through the self-criticism.
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