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Self-taught is extremely curious person who learns autonomously, by his own effort, through research, seeking information about a particular subject. Goes through a process of self-education. Want to find out all about your object of interest and for that frequents libraries, consult dictionaries, encyclopedias, websites, make bibliographical research until you get all the questions you might have.

For the self-taught, the search process ends up being more valuable than the result itself, because when fetching information just appropriating several other knowledge.

Some research suggests that the first step to become a self-taught would preserve the children's curiosity. Children are very curious, not content with superficial answers. If you have stimulated and encouraged his taste for knowledge, to grow may become an autodidact.

Formerly it was rare for a self-taught graduate. They studied subjects of their interest, deepened and aprimoravam such knowledge, creating inclusive theories.

Currently, the market requirement, the self-taught end up graduating, and keep extra activities to develop their potential. A kind of hobby, in which end up being more specialists than in his own profession.

This easy to learn and master certain subject not restricted only the sciences. There are numerous self-taught artists.

Learn to play instruments, painting, composing frames or sculpt without ever having taken a single class on such a subject.

Without doubt, in less valued professions find many self-taught ignorant your condition. Many mechanics, carpenters, designers, for example, learn and become masters of their professions by their own effort.

Some self-taught famous: Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft), Alexander Graham Bell (filmmaker and inventor) Stanley Kubrick (filmmaker), Woody Allen (filmmaker, musician, screenwriter, writer), Henry Ford (founder of Ford), Charles Dickens (novelist), Walt Disney (filmmaker, producer and animator), Albert Einstein (physicist), Jimi Hendrix (guitarist, singer, composer and producer), José Saramago (writer), Machado de Assis (writer), among others.
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