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The university student or trot trot is a kind of freshman initiation ritual, that is, students who, having passed the entrance exam, joined in higher education. Hazing happens in the first days of school, and those responsible for hazing are veterans, students who are already enrolled in higher education.

This traditional initiation ritual is marked by activities in which veterans freshmen submit to humiliating situations, degrading, and sometimes violent, unlike a ritual assumption of acceptance and integration.

According to historians, the hoax appeared in Europe in the Middle Ages. It was brought to Brazil by the Brazilian elite students who were enrolled in higher education in Portugal.

Currently, some higher education institutions promote solidarity trot, trot or citizen. In this trot no violence, humiliation and drinks. Instead of these practices, veterans organize activities to be performed by freshmen, for example, plant trees, donate blood, donate non-perishable food.

Dirty freshmen with paint, flour, mud, eggs and shaving the heads of boys are traditional practices, which should respect the willingness of freshmen to participate, without any pressure. In practice, this is not what happens. Moreover, the substances used for this type of hoax are increasingly "prepared" like rotten eggs, fish water, vomiting, among others, and sometimes such "preparations" are taken by freshmen, required by the veterans.

Hazing usually begin as a joke watered alcoholic beverages such as beer, whiskey, and others. And some types of hazing veterans induce, and sometimes force freshmen to get drunk until they were unconscious. Ask for money at the traffic light, the "toll" to recover pieces of clothing, shoes and personal items "confiscated" by veterans is also common practice.

Some extreme cases became public through the media, as the case of freshman who drowned in a swimming pool during the trot in São Paulo, or veterans who were expelled after forcing a freshman to lie on top of an anthill in Minas, not only died for not allergic to be insect bites.
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