How does the awaited WhatsApp for PC?

WhatsApp Web was announced a few hours ago, and it is a novelty that many users were hoping for some time. Now, most chosen in the world mobile messaging service, can also be used from your computer, thus expanding the options of use. But is it really what it seems?
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What is WhatsApp Web?

This new version of WhatsApp is at first glance a great novelty, which would allow users who do not have mobile phone, keep in touch with family or friends that do have it for some reason... Or, well, that's at least what would be expected. However, when we look at more in detail how WhatsApp Web, we see that not everything that glitters is gold.
To begin with, it works only with the latest version of WhatsApp, and on computers that have the Google Chromebrowser. So if you are user of Firefox, Opera, Safari, or someone else, will have to change if you want to use this new feature. Another thing to keep in mind, is at the moment is not compatible with iOS, so you can not use the service if you are a user of iPhone or iPad.
Secondly, it is not really a "desktop version", but it this function only reflects your phone activity in the browser. Or said in other words, you're using the mobile internet access, but you can see the same thing on your computer monitor screen. Right that is not as great as it seemed initially?
If you don't already have WhatsApp on the mobile device, it will be impossible to use the Web form... Something that very few noticed until it is too late. Anyway, it is quite useful when you want to see on screen your chats and contacts, without need to go to your phone every few minutes.
Knowing all this, we invite you to use this WhatsApp Web and be yourself who decide if the really useful or not. And now with your experience, we would love to know your opinion on the matter.
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