Inbound Marketing Tools

To bring to fruition an inbound marketing strategy, we will have to make use of those tools that provide us the teas of attraction and conversion of our target audience.
These inbound marketing tools, as well as save us time, and thus be more productive, we will help in the analysis of our results, our content propagation and improvement of organic positioning of our web.
In this list you can find both tools that allow you to perform an inbound marketing of integrated strategy and other Tools specific for different phases of the methodology.
Since there are an infinite number of alternatives, we wanted to collect the most outstanding and we have grouped them into different sections so that you can refer to that most interest you:
  • Tools of inbound marketing all in one
  • Inbound marketing low-cost tools
  • Tools dedicated to the generation of leads
  • Tools dedicated to email marketing
  • Tools dedicated to SEO
  • Tools dedicated to Social Media
  • Dedicated to the analytical tools
  • Tools dedicated to improve productivity
  • Tools dedicated to the creation of content
  • CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management ))
If you know any other tool that we can include in this selection, let us know through the comments and we will add it in the next update of the article :)

Tools of inbound marketing all in one

On the next point will see some major inbound marketing all in one tools that exist on the market when it comes to launching a campaign. These tools, as its name suggests, have a powerful software capable of performing multiple functions.
- Marketo: it's a comprehensive solution management and marketing organization where we can control the tasks of automation, inbound marketing, e-mail, social networks, events, sales, and financial management. One of its strengths is the scoring of potential customers, but on the other hand has a fairly high price.
- Eloqua: this software is notable for the importance that gives design offering the excellent user publishers. All this is integrated with the most modern technology and great customer service. Their weak point is the integration with the company's financial data.
- HubSpot: one of the most complete tools of inbound marketing to attract, convert and manage sales with customers. In addition to its services, offers excellent value for money.

Inbound marketing low-cost tools

If you do not have sufficient capital to make an investment in a software of management of marketing all in one, we can develop our strategy with any alternative low cost allowing us to implement most of the project:
- Spokal: allows you to manage many tasks of inbound marketing at a single location. Monitor, SEO, editorial calendars, social networks and creation of content using Wordpress.
- Markitude: marketing automation software. Includes functionalities of management of leads, lead nurturing, lead scoring, web analytics, and also a module to monitor and post to social networks.
- Infusionsoft: This CRM for small business also has a marketing platform. We can start automation activities and it also has a set of tools for e-Commerce.
- Leadsius: the closest thing to a tool all in one. Leadsius allows automation of marketing, creating forms and pages with e-mail marketing campaigns. All this with the possibility of using the free plan.
- Jumplead: full Automation Software marketing able to identify visitors, convert them into customers, e-mail marketing campaigns, get blood tests and much more depending on the contracted service. It has free shuttle service.

Tools dedicated to the generation of leads

One of the key steps in the inbound marketing strategy is the conversion of our web traffic (anonymous) in registers or cold leads that we can keep in touch. Here are some options to create your landing pages:
- Unbounce: this tool allows you to create and publish pages in a very simple and quick way. It has a variety of customizable templates to all devices.
- Instapage: create landing pages easily using drag and drop and its predesigned templates. You can also do a/b tests.
- Landerapp: powerful tool of creation of landings, with drag and drop system. It has an easy to use editor and allows you to easily integrate your landing pages on Facebook.
- Leadpages: another option to create landing pages in a rapid, professional manner and at a reduced cost. It also allows to integrate them with the vast majority of e-mail marketing in the market platforms.

Tools dedicated to Email Marketing

One of the consequences of implementing an inbound marketing strategy is to have one database growing thanks to the different actions of lead generation that we put in place. To get a good performance of this business asset, we recommend some tools that keep in touch with your leads and potential customers:
- GetResponse: A powerful tool dedicated to cover all e-mail marketing tasks. It allows you to import lists, create and design email, automate shipments and publish landing pages of quality. It also has a free version of 30 days.
-Vero: intelligent e-mail submission tool. With this tool you can insert and follow metadata with events, follow the actions that your customers are mobile, send transactional emails or sending newsletters.
- AWeber: Aweber can manage your leads and automate lead nurturing chains closer to your product or service in a progressive way. You can also create subscription forms so you can grow your database quickly.
- MailChimp: tool of email marketing par excellence. From the platform, you can manage your subscriber lists and start chains of automated and personalized emails. It has a Department of analytical and easily integrates with services like Facebook, Twitter, SurveyMonkey or Eventbrite, among others.
- Intercom: this automation tool allows you to mature your records to generate new customers and also allows you to retain your users. It has different packs depending on the objective of the Department you are going to use it and has a free version to analyze the behavior of the users of your website.
- Yesware: sure that many times you have been with the question of knowing if the recipient of your e-mail has read it or not. With Yesware we can know if they have done and if they have clicked on the link or not. All this at a very affordable price and with the possibility of using the free version of 100 e-mails per month.

Tools dedicated to SEO

SEO is one of the big areas of attraction within the inbound marketing, so it is convenient to know and use some tools that will help us to better manage our organic positioning on the search engines.
- Advanced Web Ranking: A powerful software online dedicated to SEO able to monitor our website, track positions, create reports, help us choose key words and a long etcetera. It also allows a trial version for 30 days where we can get an idea of its potential.
- WebCEO: another complete marketing focusing on positioning SEO tool. With Webceo you can perform audits of our website, analyze keyword, investigate our competitors or simply carry out follow-up reports. A tool that allows in addition a free version; Although that itself quite limited.
- Ubersuggest: powerful tool online that allows us to obtain hundreds of suggestions for keywords. Ideal to inspire us in our posts or PPC campaigns.
- Moz: formerly known as Seomoz is a SEO software but which allows us to carry out other functions within the inbound marketing. One of the most notable component of this tool of inbound marketing is the possibility of getting external links of quality for your website.
- Ahrefs: without a doubt the quintessential links monitoring tool. Ahrefs helps us discover those links leading to our domain and our competition. A great help in our SEO strategy.
- Semrush: finally have made it possibly the best SEO tool at the international level. This tool will allow us to study the keywords, analyze competition, compare multiple domains, follow keywords ranking and much more. Totally recommended to develop a SEO strategy.

Tools dedicated to Social Media

Social networks serve as platform for the dissemination of our content, thus facilitating its distribution among our target audience. Therefore, we need to know to use them and know the tools necessary for you to get the most out.
- Hootsuite: with this application online can manage from a single place different profiles of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Plus... It also offers a free account where you can manage up to five different profiles.
- SocialBro: possibly the most powerful platform to analyze and monitor Twitter. It has a free version (ideal for those who start on Twitter) and a Pro version with more features. SocialBro allows you to analyze your competition community, the best time to publish and allows you to identify influencers, among others.
- Followerwonk: sometimes the statistics we get from Twitter us aren't enough to meet our public. To do this, we can resort to Followerwonk; a powerful analysis tool that allows us to learn more about our audience, where they are, when connect, compare accounts and much more.
- Sharelink Generator: as its name suggests, this tool allows us to create links optimized to any of the social networks that we are going to be used, without iframes, or Javascripts.

Dedicated to the analytical tools

And what would become of our inbound marketing strategy if we did not have data to analyze them. Thanks to the tools of analysis we can see the evolution of our actions and become the intangible tangible.
- Google Analytics: who does not know this tool today. Thanks to Google Analytics, we know how many visits we have on our website, where they are, how they have come, the time spent on it, the content you visit and a long etcetera. A must for any online marketing strategy.
- CrazyEgg: offers a map of hot spots of our website; i.e. it shows graphically where users click or where do scroll, among other data.
- WebTrends: focused on the business sector, Webtrends offers us a more in-depth analytical data of our website with a plus of security. Also ignores the Flash and has a great usability.
-Similarweb: sometimes we want to know details of visits, traffic sources or references of websites which we do not have access (such as for example the competition pages) but luckily we have with Similarweb. You just have to introduce the url of the page you want to analyze and the data appear us instantly and many of them free of charge.
- Alexa: this company from Amazon is the author of the ranking of web pages with the same name. Your downloadable toolbar offers us this ranking and the number of visits of a web page information.
- Google Webmaster Tools: it's the tool from Google that offers webmasters information and data on its website. It is also a means of direct communication with Google and an indispensable tool in the face of SEO and indexing of pages.

Tools dedicated to improve productivity

As in all work, to make this effective should yield the most and be as productive as possible. To this end, we have tools that help us be more productive.
- Skype: allows us to chat and videoconferences for free from any device connected to the Internet.
- Mindnode: exclusive app for Apple device that serves to make mind maps in a very visual way. Perfect to begin with zero new projects and content.
- Redbooth: tool for collaborative task management that allows you to manage projects, assign tasks, share files or communicate by video conferencing. All this with a strong security encryption.
- Trello: tool very similar to Redbooth, but free of charge which allows us to manage project through the use of boards.
-Dropbox: now this tool is known by almost everyone for the facility which offers when it comes to sharing files and store them in the cloud.
- Wetransfer: aimed at sending files heavy such as photographs or videos. Version pro allows us to send up to 10 GB of file; all duly protected.
- Diigo: organizes your information to have it available where and when you want to. Bookmarks, links, annotations, comments, everything can store it in Diigo.

Tools dedicated to the creation of content

We also propose some inbound marketing tools that allow us to generate content in an easy and comfortable way.
- Google Blog Search: in addition to the web browser, Google offers the possibility of performing searches only in blogs. Allowing us to locate the content you want.
- If you ever wanted to create an infographic and didn't know how, this tool is the solution to your problems. In three simple steps you can have the infographic that you needed and free of charge.
-Designer: Designer environment puts at our disposal a myriad of templates and designs of all types. Websites, blogs, psd, musics, videos, effects and a long list of creative products that you make use of them.
- Folyo: is not exactly a tool; rather it is a private designers community and creative where we can choose that one that we like or want to develop our project.
- One hour translation: service of human translations in more than 75 languages. Fast and efficient.

Tools CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Finally, we wanted to collect those tools that allow you to manage the process of sale with your inbound leads, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
- HubSpot CRM: HubSpot launched its free CRM module at the end of 2014. The platform, which is very easy to use, allows you to centralize all the actions of the sales department. Allows you to view all the actions he did the lead in our website, review the interactions we have had with him and make calls, which can be recorded to track.
- Leadin: This CRM and lead management for Wordpress tool allows you to learn about the journey made by visitors for your website, the pages visited, time spent... and all this with easy installation.
- Salesforce: is the market leading CRM. This powerful tool, which also has a version for mobile devices allows you to manage sales opportunities and increase the productivity of the sales team based on objectives with its module
- Pipedrive: This CRM is designed for small businesses that want to learn for the first time sales process management using a technological tool.
- Sage CRM: CRM Sage, aimed at medium-sized companies, has both an installable version on computer as a cloud version. It allows tasks from the Sales Department (monitoring of opportunities and outline of the pipeline, among others), of the Department of marketing and customer service department.
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