Meaning and Definition of Brush

A brush is a tool whose handle is long and narrow and which, at one end, has a bunch of hair or other filaments. The brush can be used to draw or paint: it is to soak the bristles in paint or a similar substance and then drag over the area to be painted. The brush leaves a trail of paint.

Examples: "I need to buy a new brush to paint the corners of the doors", "the artist has a collection of more than thousand brushes because once they serve more as it keeps as a souvenir", "the Professor of drawing and asked to buy five brushes of different sizes for use in the classroom.

The most important element of the brush is the hair. It can be natural or synthetic filament. Regarding the hardness of these hairs, the brush has different characteristics that determine opportunities to paint or draw. The less rigid hairs are those that allow more soft and delicate features.

Another very important feature of the brush is the width. More hairs are wide and most strokes are thick. This means that to paint a wall of a color, it is preferable to opt for a very thick brush because it will facilitate the work. However, to draw, it is better for brushes to develop all kinds of details. Some intermediate brushes, in turn, are suitable for different tasks.
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