Meaning and Definition of concern

From latin inquietūdo, the concern is the lack of quiet (quiet). The term is used to denote the agitation, concern, nervousness or concern.

Examples: "the words of the president of the company have generated concern among workers", "Knowledge that the murderer is still at large gives me great concern", "animals anxiety is evident with every storm."

We can understand the concern as a State of nervousness that occurs in a given situation. The concerned person has no inner peace and can't relax because there is something that worries him. Thus, if a worker is informed that he must talk to his boss, we can say that he feels uneasy with this situation because his superior may want to tell him that it is punished or returned. As long as he does not speak to his boss, the employee will feel worried.

Anxiety can also be seen as a symptom of anxiety. Worried, the person is unable to focus on what she made because his attention and his thoughts are focused on another issue. This makes that the agitation can cause daily problems.

Anxiety, moreover, perhaps the inclination of the mind towards something: "Jean always had artistic concerns", "my literary concerns have led me to study the work of the major poets of the 20th century", "it bothers me that people have no interest and that they comply with their daily obligations and nothing more.
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