Meaning and Definition of Defeat

The defeat is the action and the effect of defeat or be defeated. The defeat is the conquest or the fact of winning a fight, destroy or ruin the health or property of someone.

Examples: "the Brazilian team suffered a difficult defeat leaving him no chance to progress in the tournament", "coach has resigned after the fourth consecutive defeat of his team", "I am the image of the defeat: my wife has left me, I lost my job and was about to kick out me from my home.

This term is synonymous with rout (linked to the leak of an army). Undo or defeat an enemy army is to win it completely, which is usually followed by a disorderly leak of defeated: "Tell the general that I won't tolerate another defeat", "defeat has made the country lose large portions of territory in the South", "we will not save our efforts until the defeat of the enemy.

The most common use of this concept, however, is in the field of sport. When two teams or two competitors confront each other, there is usually a Victor and a vanquished (or defeated) at the end of the match. In some sports, however, there may be games Dummies: "club FC Barcelona was responsible for a new defeat to Malaga", "With this defeat, the Spanish tennis player lost two positions in the world ranking", "the Uruguayan team regained the victory after four defeats.
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