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What the folk?

Folk and music folk is a term that emerged in the 19th century to name to the folk music. In its history, defined him as music transmitted from generation to generation, as music of the lower classes, or as music without known composer. Also has differentiated commercial and classical music. The Grammy Awards use the term "folk music" to nominate the folk.

The term folk, as well as folk music or folk dance, is a more recent term. Some reports speak of "folklore", as a term than the English William Thoms, in 1846, used to describe the traditions, customs and superstitions of the uneducated classes. The term derived from the German term Volk, which means "the people as a whole". It was applied by Johann Gottfried Herder national and popular music a century earlier.

In a historical perspective, folk music had the following features: was transmitted through oral tradition, by memorizing or otherwise, but not through books of music, recordings or the media. It was related to the national culture. They commemorate historical and personal events such as Easter, Christmas, and other important days, such as weddings, birthdays, funerals, parties and others. The songs lack copyright. There are hundreds of songs before 19th century that do not have a known author. Since 1970, the situation already almost no repeats. It features a blend of cultures, as people may be a racial mix. It can be a rhythmic pattern or a musical instrument. Finally, folk music, generally, does not have commercial reasons.

Folk music or traditional, is also characterized by being mostly vocal, although it also has instrumentation, especially in traditional dances. Therefore, folk songs have meaningful lyrics. Narrative verses that include traditional epic poems, several of which are intended to be recited, sometimes with instrumental accompaniment. Other narrative verses recount battles, tragedies or natural disasters; others celebrate victories. Other traditional songs mentioned national heroes or have supernatural events.

Folk music has influenced other more popular genres, to create the folk music subgenres. Some of them are: country music, descending of American traditional music, although it has evolved. Electronic folk, that exposed some artists to a wider audience. Folk rock that emerged from the fusion of the folk music with rock and roll. It has been very popular, with exponents such as The Corrs and The Mamas & The Papas. Other genres include indie folk, techno Folk, industrial folk music filk, neofolk, among others.
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