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What is the gospel (music)?

Gospel music is a song by Christian choirs that starts to become popular in the Decade of the thirties of the 20th century in the South of the United States. The term comes from the English "GodSpell" which translates as "God's call". It originated the "Spiritual" Protestant song made by Blacks, primarily, adapting the Scriptures at the end of the century between the 17TH and 18th centuries (from there that often call it "the black spiritual song").

The gospel is different because in the background is a call to people that join in the life with God, a call to holiness, a call to the Christian life in its simplest form. To do this they use Protestant hymns and Scripture. Rosetta Tharpe was the first great composer, singer and guitarist who makes much of the genre from 1930 and the Decade of the forties of the same century. Today day is characterized by the participation of a choir perfectly harmonious, that it can be white, black singers, barons, women or mixed more recently, that are generally accompanied by an organ or piano, palms and sometimes by tambourines.

There are various main genres: Southern Gospel that used a Quartet as the main voices (first and second tenor, baritone and bass; with its female and mixed variants) and the choir accompanied them. The Gospel Choir sometimes has a lead vocals but relies on a choir singing with lots of freedom and power, with other genres like blues. Hymns in which the choir is secondary to the reassuring message that is sent to people and therefore is not exploited the full potential of the choir.

Scriptures are recordings where it is narrated the Holy Scripture and the intervention of the choir is to give strength to the message that is transmitting the preacher who is who recites the text. Modern Gospel music has evolved from the Evangelical churches (traditional gospel) and encompasses many genres including gospel reggae or gospel rap. However, being a lover of instrumental music I must admit that the gospel choirs "Capella", the purest form of this genre, remind me to talk to God there is nothing like the human voice.
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