Meaning and Definition of Immense

Latin immensus, immense said what is very large and which, therefore, is very difficult to measure or count. This adjective is also used to designate which did not measure or which is unlimited or infinite.

Examples: «Jacques was lost in the vast desert and feared for his life, until he arrives at an oasis and his luck has changed», «the California team presented its new huge Stadium with a capacity of 60 000 spectators», «I feel immense pain for the words of my father», ' do you realize that you have done something huge? '' Your name will be engraved in the history! ».

The Word does not refer to concrete or specific measures. On the contrary, it is something as large or wide it is often difficult to measure. It can also refer to that which is much bigger than others of its kind. One can speak of a huge building when it has fifty floors knowing that most do not exceed fifteen floors. A huge baby, meanwhile, is the one who is born with a larger than average.

Something immense can be immeasurable in essence, because there is no possibility of a measure. In this sense, the concept is often used in reference to God and his attributes. We can say that God is immense because its presence cannot be measured, or that divine love is immense because it embraces all creatures and would not leave anyone aside.
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