Meaning and Definition of Picturesque

Picturesque is an adjective that can describe the particular image of a landscape, a scene or a habitat. The term refers to the Visual qualities of which, by its nature, could be a good reason for a table.

Examples: "La Boca is a picturesque area with its colourful houses and its very special atmosphere',"I was surprised by the picturesque scenery of the Alps","I cannot be picturesque, but rather dull and unattractive."

As an aesthetic category, the development of the scenic concept was born in the 18th century in Britain, during the Romantic movement. The term comes from the Italian pittoresco, which translates "similar to a painting. The picturesque began to be associated with the property that because of its beauty or its originality was worthy of being painted and represented by art.

It is understandable that the picturesque is a species of Visual stimulus transmitted by a sense of uniqueness or singularity. Observing anything considered picturesque, one can estimate that deserves to be reproduced on a work of art.

At the present time, however, the quaint notion spread. Can find a sense of the word with negative connotations because we can associate the picturesque what is shocking or bizarre: "man is presented with a colorful outfit that combined several bright colors", "my uncle is a rather picturesque character which is expressed in a special way", "the picturesque scene ended with the woman lying on the ground while the child was laughing and the animal tried to removed the package.
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