Meaning and Definition of Predator

Latin depredātor, a predator is the adjective that refers to committing depredations, that is to say, who rob and plunder violently or, in the case of animals, hunting specimens of another species for subsistence (to survive).

Examples: "For the zebra, the lion is a formidable predator that can take his life in seconds," "The prosecutor said the defendant acted as a predator: he entered the house, killed the inhabitants and took all the valuables while destroying what was not interested, "" The teacher asked us to prepare drawings with the main predators of the African savannah and their prey. »

In ecology, predation is a biological interaction where a predator hunting prey to survive. An animal may be of several different predator species and, in turn, be the other prey animals.

It should be mentioned that predation contributes to ecosystem balance, which controls the number of individuals of the species. The reproduction of a species out of control in the absence of a predator can change the balance of the ecosystem.

"The Hunger" (Predator), on the other hand, is a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger was released in 1987 and has had several consequences. These are aliens who hunt humans and other species. The story goes that this alien race is in contact with humans for 14,000 years, when she arrived in Antarctica.
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