Meaning and Definition of Printer

A printer is a device that allows you to print. The verb print, meanwhile, refers to burn letters and other graphics characters onto paper or other material. Examples: "I need a good quality printer to print the posters', ' we're in trouble: the printer is broken", "in the coming years, three dimensional printers will be very popular.

It is possible to consider the printer as the device to a computer (PC). In this case, the printer is the output device that displays the results of a transaction made by the computer.

Take the case of a man who wants to give his curriculum vitae (CV) to a company. This man can use the keyboard to enter personal information on the computer: his full name, his career, his references, etc. Once this is done, it will use the printer to capture what he has put on paper. After the printed paper, it can take the sheet with his CV and submit it to the undertaking concerned.

It is possible to distinguish between different types of printer depending on the technology used. Laser printers work with toner and are known for their speed, their high quality and low cost per copy. Inkjet printers involves spraying on paper. Older printers are raster dotting impressions point by point.

It is known as the MFP device which, in addition to print, can scan (scanner), photocopy and, in some cases, to send the faxes or read digital cameras memory cards.
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