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How to test?

An essay is a collection of ideas whose aim is to consider, develop and then conclude on a particular topic. In fact etymologically comes from the Latin exagium, or regret, and this is the treatment given to its development.

How Well do a trial? First, we must first find a topic; if it is assigned by third parties, no problem, but if we choose a subject ourselves, we can make some recommendations. It is always advisable to limit the subject; eg good an essay with the title of "literary work nn" or even better "The influence of politics in the work of nn". On the other hand "literary works" would be too broad and general title. Thus, we can be more specific about the scope of our work, and also leave less loose ends. Also this way we simplify the research, and moreover we can reach attractive and original titles, giving added value to our work.

The second step to make our assay, once we have the theme to develop, is the research and compilation of data and information. At this point everything serves as literary, critical, news, academic articles and journals. It is recommended to cover as much information as possible, and then refer to it during the assay development. A recurring error, citing various sources and authors only agree with all this content; in an essay honesty and ideas are valuable, so the not agree with any ideas between the information collected is an approach that should be included.

Another great source of information used to make a test today, is the Internet. We can use the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, the more information we can find on internal networks of universities, if we have access to them. A very important when deciding to use the Internet as an information point, is quite critical when considering a site as a candidate to help us. This is because it is common misinformation, published intentionally or accidentally, since the network is open to all who want to express something in it. That is, we must first explore the site and judge their credibility before using it as a source.

Now that we have an idea of ​​the various sources that we use, we must not forget the critically take notes while reading the material. And of course, for each source deciding we use, we must also point editing, place and date of publication, along with the author, for our literature.

In our tutorial on how to do an essay we have already advanced to the point that we have the title, information sources, and we have also made critical notes of sources used. The next step is to revisit our notes, then arrange them giving you a structure to our trial. We can group them by the subject they cover, to get an idea of ​​the organization that have paragraphs.

Regarding paragraphs of this essay, there are important recommendations. Avoid paragraphs of one sentence, as it causes a bad impression. The idea is to present an issue with the first sentence, and then develop it in the rest of the paragraph. In the first paragraph of work should clearly express the theme and purpose of the test. To get an idea of ​​how long should each paragraph, you can take into account a third of the length of the page, though of course this can vary depending on individual needs.

At the end of the trial, we should include, as mentioned above, a list of sources used. For example, we can use the following format: Author, Work, Publication date.

Ok, now we must take the test at the computer and print it. Some recommendations. Correct spelling is a priority; spelling and grammar mistakes cause a bad impression on the reader or examiner. One of the recurring tragedies in the world of trials are power outages, leading to the loss of what we have written and organized. Therefore we must go recording as we go. Aesthetically, the double spacing and the use of the indentation or tabulated for each paragraph will begin recommended. The numbering of the leaves is also important.

Finally, we present our test. In this respect optimal printing to cause the recipient, you should not corchetear leaves, but use a transparent folder that holds pressure. Otherwise they are quite affordable.

As a final recommendation of this tutorial on how to make a trial, we must always think of the reader; For this reason our assay should be entertaining, well written, properly presented, and why not, even provocative in his approach.
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