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What was the Trojan horse?

To speak of the Trojan horse, should speak first of the war that took place in this city. The city of Troy is as real as legendary, because really existed but became a myth. The reason is simple: Troy or Ilion (from which derives the name of Iliad) within the Greek and called by the Hittites Wilusa, stood right on the trade route between the Middle East, East and Greece.

The Greeks, who together did not form a single State, but rather a group of cities, had to pay a strong tax by goods passing through there. So they looked for any excuse to declare war and put an end to such "abuse". The legend begins here. According to the poems, Odisea Paris, a Trojan Prince elopes with the wife of Menelaus, Agamemnon's brother. Agamemnon was the main instigator against Troy and saw an excellent pretext for war in defense of the sanctity of marriage.

Many of those who formed the collision did to not contradict to Agamemnon that tip of force had managed to attach other kingdoms to its own or become its satellites. A large fleet part of Greece and comes with some setbacks to Troy. It is that the siege last 10 years or not, the truth is that the Greeks did not expect it to be so long. The walls of the city were to be formidable, or the less that seemed the Greeks and the resources that the Trojans had seemed inexhaustible.

Troops stationed opposite the town, many of them poorly trained for these purposes and many were mercenaries (no doubt that they had to pay them), battles, distance from home and the time without achieving real progress played for the Trojans. Agamemnon must have been half-desperate to listen daring King Odysseus advice (from where comes the name of Odyssey and all called Ulysses by her Roman name). Ulysses proposes to build a large statue of a horse, let it front of Ilion and pretend they are. The horse would be taken as a gift, a sign of peace and it would be introduced in the city. There was the daring plan: inside would be Odysseus and several of his men.

The plan was executed to perfection, the Trojans took the horse inside the city and organized a magnificent celebration. During the night, while everyone was neglected, probably sleeping the hangover, Ulysses and theirs out of horse and manage to open the city gates, Agamemnon waiting outside with the army plunders the city, Paris and his companions are dead, Helena is returned to her husband and the Greeks return triumphant. That's the Trojan horse, a gimmick or a trick, where you use something that looks wicked outside and can actually be deadly inside. For example the letters bombs that are sent by mail in order to kill a person or more. Also in computer science, the term is used when it is said that a virus is a Trojan or a Trojan horse, because it comes in the form of a photograph or an email but it is not.
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