Meaning and Definition of Worried

Concerned, from the latin inquietus is an adjective that mentions this or one that is not quiet and even agitated. This (or quiet) term refers to what does not move, or what is peaceful and non-disruptive.

Examples: "parts pyrotechnic and Fireworks let worried dogs", "As a child, he was worried, walking from one side to the other for half an hour", "the sea is concerned. I do not think we can go sailing this afternoon.

When it is applied to a human being, the adjective may have different connotations. Agitated people are described as anxious: "my worst nightmare is to have as neighbors a group of worried and rebellious teenagers who listen to loud music", "Please calm the worried children so I can relax."

One who is stirred by his mood and which, therefore, suffers from anxiety, also qualified to restless. Can oppose the concern of other States of mood, such as serenity, tranquillity and relaxed: "since my house has been burgled, I live without rest and anxious", "I am a little worried because my son always returned", "How do you want that I am not worried if it comes to shoot? ''

Worried, finally, is the one who is inclined to make changes: "I'm a worried man, I do not keep the same job for more than two years," "Ricardo is very agitated: every year, he wants to renovate the decoration of the House", "don't worry and stain to finish your studies: it is useless to abandon what you just barely started.
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