Tips for taking the best selfies

They Selfies, those pictures that we take without the help of others, are very popular, and any place and occasion gives to capture these photos, which usually do not have the best quality.
If you're a fan of the selfies, today you are going to teach some tricks so that your photos are filled with I like social networks.

5 beware of move your arm

One of the main causes of the poor quality of the selfies, is that we do not care well stabilize our arm to hold the camera or smartphone, what images are moved.
Practice to focus well and let your arm as still as possible. If it is a group photo, choose whoever has in the longer arm to hold the camera. Take several pictures, so choose the best.

4 use the front camera of your mobile phone and Tablet

Take a photo blind if it is that we use the rear camera mobile, it is almost like playing the lottery. Most mobile phones and tablets bring a front-facing camera for video conferencing.
Use the camera to take photos, since you can see what are focus and take the picture at the right time. The quality is not the same as with the rear camera, but if you are looking for a good photo will be worth it.

3. position the camera above your face

To see you better, put the camera up to your face (not too much) and slightly tilt your head to one side. Also, it is that the image is taken from as far as possible.
With that little trick, your face will look thinner and you can hide some imperfections. Another tip to see you better, is to have good posture and right shoulders.

2 brightness and background

A selfie in which light cover to those who go into the photo will not be all good, so it is recommended keep this you of directly in the face. The best, is that the lighting dimly from one side. Natural light is always ideal, but if you are indoors, tries to stand sideways to a window or, using a lamp or bulb you illuminated from above, never ahead or behind.
Everything that you see in a photo is important; If you are in a beautiful place, he is that not only will see your face, but that the landscape. Don't let nothing dirty your selfie; worry about what you see behind or to the sides. You surely don't want to show your room messy or things pulled at home. And if you're going to take a selfie front of the mirror, well check out all that will be reflected and built the best possible picture. Ah! Either it goes without saying that you look if the mirror is clean...

1 take advantage of filters, but do not overdo

Once you took your selfie, use some application not only for trim and retouch the image editor, but also to applying any filter photography that makes it look better. Don't overdo with the effects, since it will not be natural.

Don't make faces rare or you show too seriously or with a forced smile. The base of the selfie is to capture a spontaneous moment, and but you like it, you can always take more.
Article contributed for educational purposes

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