What is the cold war?

This was a more or less passive conflict between the United States of America, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and countries allied to either side. Although most cold war began after the Second World War most likely have their origins long before the First World War. In general, a cold war is a state of permanent conflict where there is no direct military intervention, but that actions are taken to political strategic level, and economically (more espionage, sabotage and other indirect means); from this point of view have historically been different "cold wars" but in speaking of this we normally refer to the conflict that will relate in this article.

The appalling social conditions of the people in most European nations was, among other factors, the breeding ground for Marxist ideas before the First World War. Especially in Russia these conditions were especially fertile due to the policy of the ruling family (the romanov), and the impulse that Lenin them. The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty forward the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks (the most radical branch of the Russian Communist Party) because the Russian people was exhausted by the war in which the romanov had made participate. In the following years the October Revolution Russia is isolated and holds a long civil war with the white army which is funded by other countries fearful of communism. In the interwar years "capitalist" countries see some totalitarian communism a brake, allowing the emergence of Nazism and fascism.

The so unfair and excessive conditions imposed on Germany cause the economic depression of 1919, as Germany was unable to pay the compensation which caused many countries could not pay their loans with the United States and this caused the stock market crash. Thanks to this totalitarian parties gain power and Nazi Germany achieved a miraculous economic recovery expropriating the property of those who opposed them and the Jews, then start the Second World War.

Then the communist were not seen as enemies but as allies until the war ended. Germany is divided among the winners of the war and both the US and the Soviet Union are trying to influence blocks hereby control the world stage. At this time the so-called Cold War begins because none of the two contenders never directly attacked. The term is attributed to an American statesman and a journalist also there. But if there was conflict funded by both sides in countries such as Korea, where Americans first applied its "policy of containment" which basically was to prevent the Soviet Union increased the number of its allies. Other conflicts such as Korea, Nicaragua, Afghanistan and many other countries "Third World" were used as parapet of policies directed both sides.

It was a war of attrition of resources of both countries. Another major factor that prevented a direct confrontation was the development of nuclear weapons, creating an arms race which we inherited between 5000 and 10 000 nuclear warheads in the US alone; a fraction of this arsenal sufficient to destroy all intelligent life on the planet if not all living beings. A mid-80s economic wear was very noticeable in the Soviet Union and cause the fall of the communist regime. Symbolically the reunification of Germany is marking the end of the Cold War.

It is very significant destruction of the famous "Berlin Wall" that had been built by the Russians to divide the western part (under American influence) of the communist party (Eastern). In my personal opinion it was a foolish, cowardly and cunning conflict. Senseless by the number of lives worldwide collection (he created that reaches a similar number WWII); coward because neither party really wanted to participate directly and cunning way because they got free indeed a war with a minimum stake of its own people.
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