What is computer

What is computer?

For the Royal Academy of the language, computer science, is a set of scientific knowledge and techniques that enable the automatic treatment of information through computers (computers). The word comes from the French, since they created the concept informatique, or computer science. The conjunction between the words information and automation.

Information technology has been developed, so that the man can perform trivial tasks, in an orderly manner, quickly and efficiently. Therefore, information technology has been developing for many years. We can even the Chinese, in the year 3000AC, when they created the abacus to perform various calculations efficiently and quickly as possible. Already in the 17TH century, were developing the first machines possible calculations mechanically.

From that point in history, we can jump to 1981, where arose in society, to the first personal computer or PC, developed by IBM, in joint collaboration with Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Computer that possessed a language Microsoft Basic, an Intel 8088 processor and operating system DOS. Prior to that date, were already achieved the first advances in Internet, by the military branches of the United States. The way to interconnect multiple computers through a single cable, that is, to create a network of local area (LAN) had already been created also. Subsequent to the presentation of the first PC, continued with its development and natural evolution. Also in 1990, the new way to interact with the Internet, the World Wide Web (www) is created. Subsequently, at the 96' a leap occurs in what is Internet. Develops the second version of this, which was much faster than the first and can load and transport, data or files more heavy, which in the first Internet. Up to what we have today, through broadband, which outperforms its predecessor, long and widely the modem connection.

In fact, today, almost any job, must interact with a computer. But not only in this area, the computer is present. Today, it is a powerful tool in youth and university education. And why not say it, also in the child since birth with technology in their hands, children manage to engage quickly in any computer program.

Due to all these factors mentioned, information technology is part of our daily lives. We use it to write, to search for information through the Internet, in our jobs with the Intranet, emails, fun games, to draw, enhance photographs, printed documents, etc.

I.e., much of our daily activities, are wrapped or develop by means of computer science.
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