What is the Internet?

The Internet is a decentralized computer network, to allow the connection between computers operating through a communication protocol. To refer to it in addition, the term "web" is used in English, referring to a "spider's Web" to represent this network of connections. Simply put, the Internet is a set of computers connected together, sharing a certain amount of content; This is why you can not respond to the question of where is it Internet physically - is everywhere where there is a computer with connectivity to the network.

Let's say that the Internet is the network of networks, which millions of computers can be connected among themselves. This can be removed information on a scale never before seen. It is also known as the World Wide Web (www, prefix for those which navigate it, since the addresses or URLs usually start using it), and its current structure dates back to the 1990s. With his appearance, the information revolution was definitely take off a massive scale. There are millions people, which by means of a modem and today, through broadband, gain access to millions of pages, containing information of the most diverse nature. There are pages of personal, educational, and of course business-oriented; in fact, technologized enough undertaking has a page on the Internet.

With respect to the protocols that we mentioned, we must not scare us, since its use is completely transparent for us as users; our computer is responsible for using them to use our browser. The Protocol that we are talking about in the beginning known as TCP/IP (transmission control protocol, Internet Protocol), and one can imagine in a simplified way that it is the common language so that computers connected to the network are understood.

Through the Internet, can also develop conversations online, as the already famous chat and IRC (Internet Relay chat). Also, can perform file transfer, of course using a common language for this (in this case the Protocol FTP or File Transfer Protocol) or send emails (using the SMTP protocol or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), which have revolutionized the way to communicate, and have left virtually obsolete as the old mail system. With them we can communicate almost immediately, with anyone in the world, independent of where you are. In this way, many companies, have even left a little in side the phone for their commercial activities. It is also that the email is highly used, within the internal communication of the State or private organizations. Since a long time ago, there is an associated application and these emails known as, instant messaging which can keep a conversation through text online. The latest applications related to communication, involving the transmission of voice, which has revolutionized in addition to the telephony industry, with services like Skype; as the Yahoo! Instant Messaging Services, not lag behind and are offering a similar service. Over time we will see the cost of long distance calls plummets to integrate this technology to the network of our homes.

With regard to the development of the Internet, this goes back to 1973, where he began to study the technical feasibility of developing interconnected networks, based on the TCP and IP protocols. It was during the investigative process, think the word Internet, nickname to these networks. To learn more about the early days of the Internet, visit our article specially devoted to who invented the Internet, which you can find in the section of science and technology on our site.

Today, nobody can be outside this network of networks. It is present in almost every home in the world, as in all the companies of balloon, already compulsory. Many studies, work and business functions, are not conceived without the Internet. It's simple. Even many Governments, have been in campaign, to become digitally literate citizens. It is that technology and the Internet, already arrived and have done so to stay and revolutionize steadily, our way of life.
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