What is intranet?

The Intranet, which means internal network, carries a couple of decades being widely used in enterprises. Mainly, already existing technologies, decades ago, wouldn't it. The central intranet, is the use of this, in the business environment and also, sometimes, in the academic. Since the Intranet, provides for a common space for the development of strategies, memoranda, among other aplicabilidades, which are used by all of the company or educational establishment.

In technical words, an Intranet is a network of Local Area or LAN. Which has the characteristic of being exclusive use, of the company or organization that has installed it. As a result, it is that it uses HTML and TCP/IP protocols. Protocols that allow interaction online Intranet to the Internet.

Any Intranet, brings with it, different levels of security, depending on the user. These security levels, are assigned according to the importance of the position within the user's organization. Of course, there are levels shared by all. Now, the basic levels of security, prevent the use of the Intranet, by foreign people to the company or educational establishment.

In terms of the function ability of the Intranet, this is used in almost all departments of an organization. For example is the case of accounting, who can collect direct information and online, on complaints from employees and payments systems. All newsletters of a company, can also be sent or published on the Intranet to keep employees are informed. This activity, usually carried out, the human resources department or corporate communication.

In the same way, the Intranet, is used as a powerful tool for training and induction for new employees.

There is no doubt that Intranet, is a friendly and pleasant environment for permanent availability of information, training and other elements. Apart from the favorable, which is Intranet for corporate expenses. Since using it, much of the paperwork and tiempo-hombre, are slowing. On the other hand, Intranet is a manea modern and safe driving qualified, all organizational information. Which, from hanging from the security levels, can be very difficult to obtain.

Today, the Intranet, is also an essential part of the agile and efficient functioning of various departments within any organization. Highlighting the case of the departments of human resources and corporate communications.
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