What is a network?

A network is the connection between two or more computers, which share some elements of hardware, such as printers or CD-ROM, as well as information such as various records of the organization. As well as certain common services, such as chat rooms and instant messaging, emails, etc.

There are various network technologies, being the best known of the HDLC, PPP, ETHERNET, TOKEN RING, type among others.

With respect to network standards, we have IEEE 802.3, 802.5, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.15 1EEE. The first is used in the ETHERNET, TOKEN RING second, third in the Wi-FI system and the latest in BLUETOOTH.

Now, a network may cover different distances, so each one has a separate categorization. We have the bread, which is a personal area network which covers up to 10 square meters. On the other hand we have the LAN, which is the most common of all. Since is used a lot in the companies. It is called local network area and this covers up to one square kilometer. There is also the MAN or area of metropolitan network, which reaches ten square kilometers to cover. Finally, there is the Wan or network wide area, which is used in an entire country, continent, etc.

Finally, we can categorize a network, according to addresses that have, to share information or pass it on. This one in which a terminal transmits and receives the other. On the other hand, is that network that allows a computer to transmit information and the others receive, and finally, this that network that allows many to send and receive information simultaneously.

The most common use of a network so we can see the offices, where multiple users share resources as a printer from their computers. It is now common to even that people configure inside networks in the home to share computer resources with the family, such as Internet access and the use of printers and fax.
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