What is a PC

What is a PC?

The term comes from the words "Personal Computer" or personal computer. In in the construction of computer field, I have commented in other articles there are basically three kinds of computers: computers (or supercomputers for many) minicomputers and personal computers. The classification is based on the amount of resources that have these machines. The concept of a personal computer dates from 1964 mentioned in an article that talked about "The world in 1984" (George Orwell would have felt flattered by this title). However the first PC or "home computers" as they were called then they were much more simple and barely gave us an idea of what would be later.

Names like Altair, Apple, Commodore, Jupiter Ace and others became famous. I remember the Commodore which basically consisted of a keyboard that contained the processor and all else, from where came the connections to TV (of course then there were no monitors and the TV worked as such) and matrix printer. This generation of computers were a rarity that many computer and fans used to play.

With the second generation of PC appear already the current structure: keyboard, monitor and very few a mouse. This reminds me of the first mouse I used, a rarity among oddities, was a "TrackBall" (have the "lump" above) and it tired much less than other mice, in fact in graphic design are favorites and hopefully this article more, melting them because they are also ideal to avoid some damage from the hands of the carpal tunnel, as being most popular fall their priceswhich today are somewhat expensive, not created, always have used one since.

The term PC was then used for the first time by the IBM company and was common to say that a computer was IBM-PC-compatible to mean that they could run the same programs that the machines built by that company. This type of computer also were among the first to be used for work and not so much for games, also they could be used as terminals in the business networks allowing users not only play if don't have their own word processors, although to tell the truth was a worksheet the first thing that attracted the eyes of accountants and administratorsfor letters were efficient secretariats and their typewriters.

Over time many people roll would change due to the PC, to return to the case of the secretariats also gaining importance in the receipt of information that was stored, outside devices as hard drives fixed or mobile as floppy disks or optical discs and which until then were kept in large files, often guarded by people who were not trained to do this as a security guard or Concierge.

The next generation of PC is characterized because the processors are much more powerful and the motherboards are integrated most processors or "Chips" of video, sound, network and other peripherals. There is also a great versatility in these machines, for example a mother card could be used both to set up a job as a Games PC and the case is that it could arm themselves with both purposes. There is practically no limits for such sugar.
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