What was the second world war?

It was an armed conflict that begins in 1939 and ends in 1945, although some argue about when it really started. This war has its causes in the aftermath of the First World War, very unfair armistice between Germany known as "Treaty of Versailles" cause a series of economic debacles not only for the Germans but unable to pay its indemnities do England and France can not pay their loans to the US and this is one of the causes of the great economic crisis that started in 1929 and is known as the "Crisis of the 30s".

After a series of political setbacks by German parties Adolf Hitler comes to power in 1936 under the command of (NAZI) National Socialist Party. Hitler accused the Jews to become rich with the people's money and takes away your goods, finance achieves a very rapid recovery of the economy and a powerful army. It also has a very aggressive expansion policy annexing Germany to Austria, then Czechoslovakia, based on a complaint about Czech territories were German populations.

All this was tolerated because it sought to correct past mistakes and vindicate the German people. Moreover Hitler establishes alliances with other dictators like Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco, who helps win the Spanish civil war and where test their deadliest weapon, the Luftwaffe (air force): the first city completely destroyed by aviation is Guernica hands of the Luftwaffe, which would later inspire the box Pablo Piccaso. Franco use this alliance to keep Spain neutral throughout the war. The war formally broke out when Germany invaded Poland, which in days falls on German power.

France and Britain declare war and make the camp of "allies". In this camp bind China, the countries of the British Commonwealth and the United States and Russia to mid conflict. The other side is that of powers "axis" with Germany, Japan and Italy. United States enters the war because Japan declares war and within no more than one hour after the Imperial Navy makes an attack on the American Pacific fleet which was docked at Pearl Harbor. The blow had been mortal therefore not conducted a second attack of auction and this would have meant the Americans a very slow recovery of its fleet and probably lose the war.

Russia entered the war as the Germans violated an agreement not to attack and invade the Soviet colossus. It was a clear mistake because although the Germans had very quick initial victories as Stalin, the Soviet leader, expecting an attack from Japan and not their allies. Once he realized his mistake summoned the huge Soviet army what the Germans called the Russian front, after a terribly hard winter the Germans had to retreat and this marks the beginning of the end of the war in Europe. American, French and Russian with English manage to subdue the Germans and the war ended in May 1945 in Europe.

In Asia the war ends when the August 6 is destroyed Hiroshima city by a single B-29 carrying the first atomic bomb used on a civilian population and August 9 destroyed the city of Nagasaki by a similar weapon. He had started the Atomic Age. The weapons used during the war were very innovative: the radar, war propaganda through the press, radio and cinema, the much improved submarines, rockets and jet and especially the incredible aircraft carriers are the protagonists of the battles in the Pacific Ocean.

Let me quote the Battle of Midway: the first naval battle where ships not even see the fleet of aircraft from aircraft carriers clashed in the sky and caused major damage to both armed, if we consider that pilots only had eyes for guidance in heaven is a feat. The use of atomic weapons can be justified because the Germans tried to get them but throwing them on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was completely unnecessary because the Japanese were going to pay with the only condition that the emperor was deposed thing the allies granted anyway . It is estimated that this tube war between 60 and 80 million victims (roughly 2% of the world's population at the time) between military and civilian.
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