Automation of marketing or Marketing Automation: What is and how it can help your company?

Increasingly the departments of marketing and sales that integrate into their business process automation in order to be more efficient and extend the customer lifecycle. These marketing automation processes are based on the use of technology for communicative actions automatically without the need to invest time and staff at them whenever they are executed.
Thanks to the implementation of the marketing automation, we ensure the delivery of the message to the correct public at the perfect time.

What exactly is marketing automation and what is?

The concept of marketing automation has been around for years, but its use was only common among large international companies. However, today these automated processes within marketing strategies are beginning to be used by small and medium-sized businesses.
As a definition, we can say that marketing automation or marketing automation is a step that takes place within the marketing strategy of a company and which consists in the use of computer software to perform certain specific tasks.
Thanks to this Automation, the company can perform processes that would not be possible by hand and get in this way an greater efficiency and greater control over the actions of marketing.
Previously the marketing automation was used in the tasks of customer loyalty to lengthen the life cycle of the same. However, today the term is used to designate a process within the inbound marketing strategy which helps in attracting the interest of the client and his final conversion tasks.
If you want to delve into the concept, we recommend that you take a look at this video we have prepared on the subject:
The role of marketing within a strategy of inbound marketing automation
As discussed above, within a strategy of inbound marketing are two different steps; customer attraction and conversion of the same.
Thanks to the content of interest and quality, we attract people to our web site, but once that person has shown any interest in our product or services (whether by completing a form or making a phone call) and we have put name and identity, the marketing automation will be responsible for converting that potential customer in customer.

Elements of marketing automation

Within the process of marketing automation are a series of basic elements:
  • Scoring of assessment: Marketing automation allows us to move from a data base of records to an array of assessment with all sorted records. This is achieved through the technique called lead scoring.
  • Database or lead nurturing nutrition: The lead nurturing process consists in the realization of communicative action (for example a shipment of mailing) totally automated and personalized.
  • Internal automation: Automated processes with data collected by the marketing department and other Department of the company.

Benefits of marketing automation

Once known really what is and what is the marketing automation, we will highlight the main advantages that its use can bring to a company:
  • It allows to quantify the impact of marketing campaigns carried out.
  • Increase the relevance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Increased profits.
  • Marketing and sales objectives .
  • Reducing costs and time of staff.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of the staff.

Leading marketing automation tools

As mentioned previously the marketing automation is based on the use of computer software for communication tasks; Therefore, we are going to quote some of the most important tools that can help us in our marketing automation processes.
  • Hubspot: This system puts at our disposal a number of tools that help us in attracting visitors through the creation of content, improve our conversion details, classify and sort our leads and even execute campaigns directly.
  • Infusion Soft: This tool combines a CRM with marketing automation. It allows measuring the ROI of campaigns carried out, sending of mailings and segment customers through its degree of intent to purchase.
  • Marketo: it's a comprehensive solution management and marketing organization where we can control the tasks of automation, inbound marketing, e-mail, social networks, events, sales, and financial management. One of its strengths is the scoring of potential customers.
As you can see, the marketing automation can help us to achieve our sales targets and improve our productivity.
Published for educational purposes