How to bathe your cat

Bathing a cat can be, on many occasions, an adventure. And is that these animals are generally not very good friends of the water. However, it is important to provide them with good hygiene.
It is true that by its nature cats live obsessed with washing at all hours, but not infrequently should lend them a hand, especially if it is a sample of hair longer, higher, it suffers from an illness that prevents you to bathe by itself... or by any human that surrounds him have allergies.

Steps to follow

  • Place a rubber bath mat: your cat will feel much more secure if not it slips.
  • Prepares the shampoo and/or conditioner suitable for your pet: it must be borne in mind that not all races and hair types require the same care, therefore it is necessary to have the right products. NEVER use products for humans because they are too strong for animals and could cause skin problems.
  • Put the cat in the tub, but before opening the water brush it to remove the dead hair and untangle the knots you might have.
  • Remove the hair fallen in the bathtub.
  • Apply a drop of oil mineral in the corner of each eye of your cat to avoid that you between SOAP.
  • Place a ball of cotton in his ears to prevent the entry of water, that Yes, not enter them deep within because you could do him harm or trouble to get them out later.
  • Turn on the water and adjust it so that it is warm (about 38 ° C).
  • Gently look by wetting your cat making sure that the water reaches every corner of your body, except the face because hot water can create infection in your eyes and ears and also kittens hate them to wet them face.
  • If you see that the animal is getting nervous and aggressive, remove from the bath, Pat dry with a towel, and let you turn. He returned to try again in a week or two.
  • If your cat, on the other hand, does not show signs of stress, go ahead with bath.
  • Apply a little bit of shampoo in a wet towel, and with her lava carefully your cat face, trying not to touch the area of the eyes or ears.
  • With another wet towel but without SOAP, rinse the face of your pet.
  • Apply shampoo on the rest of the body of the cat, and rub with love to wash her body. And do not forget to insist on the year and the tail.
  • With the artichoke in the shower, you see rinsing your cat, helping small massage with one of your hands. Make sure that there are no SOAP residue in its fur, since the shampoo may dry them much skin. Remember not to wet the face of your pet.
  • Dry it:
  • Short hair: can be dried with a towel, rubbing it gently until it is completely dry.
  • Long hair:
  • -Dry it with a towel until it is damp, not wet.
  • -Straight to avoid tangles.
  • -Use a dryer to speed minimum and average temperature for a perfect finish (this step is only performed if tolerates it the cat).
  • Make sure that the cat does not leave immediately abroad or is exposed to current. Try to be in a warm, dry place at least one couple of hours, so that you catch a cold.

Relevant data

  • The ideal would be to start with the routine of the bath when the kitten is a baby. In this way we will get to understand that moment as something normal incorporated into their lives, not as an extraordinary and bizarre event that causes fear. It must be familiar with the water.
  • Some cats tolerate you use a spray with water to rinse them. If so take advantage of it, since it will facilitate you the task. That Yes, do not spray the face of your pet with him.
  • Drying, dryer mouth must not point directly to the cat, since can cause it frostbite if the air comes out very hot. It is ideal to direct the output of the air against the hairline, starting with the torso of the animal. Then you focus on the legs and neck (also without focus the air directly), and finally dry the tail, stomach and hind legs (if your cat is allowed).
Published for educational purposes