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What is the megarexia?

If people suffering from anorexia looks in the mirror and are obese, but marked them the bones under the skin and suffer from a thin boundary, to the megarexicos happens exactly the opposite, they are not able to perceive his excess weight, are his pleasant physical, and not only do not worry about the line, but that they crowd of unhealthy foodsuch as sweets and fats. They are obese malnourished, who increasingly eat more and worse.
The megarexia is an eating disorder, less well known than anorexia, bulimia, or orthorexia, but no less serious. In addition, bearing in mind that obesity is a phenomenon on the rise, which already affects more than 500 million people around the world, it is possible that many overweight individuals are undiagnosed megarexicos, that they will prove to be obese if they not become aware of your problem and rectify their style of life in time.
The Spanish Jaime Brugos nutritionist was who gave the name of megarexia to a disorder of eating behaviour, which consists of being obese not wanting to see it or admit it. It is, in fact, a distortion in the perception of their own body image and, therefore, is a problem of psychological origin which has resulted in weight gain and malnutrition in those who suffer from it.

Consequences of the megarexia

Overweight and, above all, obesity, are risk factors that significantly increase the possibility of numerous diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, apnea, gout, cancer...
The megarexicos, in addition, as they considered that the size is correct and they do not have any health problem, they don't care to include in your diet nutritionally adequate food that they eat what they most like, and feel like, and often consist of fried, carbohydrates, fat, candy, pizza, and all kinds of foods that provide what experts regard as empty calories, so in addition to obese, another consequence of the people suffering from megarexia is that they are malnourished and often suffer from anemia due to the lack of nutrients.
Regardless of physical appearance and size to reach the megarexicos, an unbalanced power causes lack of energy, so people turn to food to feel better, and so the vicious circle is formed. On the other hand, both the extra kilos and the shortage of energy, not invite precisely to lead an active life, and sedentariness increases even more excess weight and the risk of suffering from other illnesses.
In the case of the megarexicos, it is considered that obesity, in addition to representing a health problem in itself, is a symptom of malnutrition.

Treatment of the megarexia

As it is the case with the rest of the eating disorders that have psychological origins, to deal with the megarexia it is necessary that the patient recognizes that it has a problem. But, as in the case of Anorexics, the image which reflects the mirror, which does not coincide with the perceptions of his own body, does not make them change their minds, so it is necessary to his family to help them to see reality, and will normally need help of a medical professional (family physician, psychologist...) that orient them disorder sufferers, and a nutrition specialist determined the guidelines of good nutrition so that they begin to lose weight at the same time improving their impaired nutritional status.
Jaime Brugosnutritionist, who created the term 'megarexia' to define obese that are thin and healthy, has written several books that expose his theories on what should be a healthy diet, which help to lose weight to those who need it, but in a healthy way and revitalizing. Brugos considers that to lose weight there to eat little, but to choose nutritious foods, because low-calorie diets weakens the body, reduce the amount of muscle mass, and encourage sedentary lifestyle, as well as cause the known ' effect I - I ' (return to fatten rapidly as soon as the diet is not followed to letter).
To achieve and maintain a proper weight, this nutrition expert recommended to distribute food in five or six shots a day, make breakfast the most important meal, do not begin to eat less without going to a specialist because we could restrict essential nutrients for the body, and reduce especially the intake of sugars. It also recommended to avoid energy (like sweets or carbohydrates) food shortly before bedtime, since during the night's rest we will not be able to eliminate that excess energy, which will accumulate in our body in the form of fat.

Prevention of the megarexia

The best prevention against eating disorders, including the megarexia, is to establish a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular physical exercise practice, which is missing any food, but that limit to the maximum intake of calorie and little nutritional products from childhood. Teach children that are at ease with their physical, but monitor not causing overweight already since childhood and, in the event that they need to lose weight, always request the advice of a professional physician, to avoid falling into dangerous behaviors like starving.
Some parents confuse the extra kilos with a sign of good health for children, and you should not remove importance to the fact that the child eat more than normal for their age and Constitution, or feed almost exclusively of hamburgers, pizzas and hot, accompanied by sugary sodas, dog thinking that already will change and have time to worry about the line when I grow up. An obese child has a much better chance of becoming an obese adult.
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