The cornerstones of the marketing and sales: buying cycle vs. sales cycle

Any sales and marketing plan should be based on your user or future buyer buying cycle and sales cycle of your company.
We hear very little of these concepts when we talk to marketers, and on the other hand, consider that they are key concepts. Without them the design of our strategies will be less strong and therefore less effective execution.
We briefly define the two concepts to situation:
  • Purchase cycle: the time that passes between a future buyer realizes a need, desire, or concern until you just buy.
  • Sales cycle: the time that passes between a future buyer contact us interested (or we contact a commercial meeting) and just buy.
To read the definitions we give to previous concepts you will notice that the purchasing cycle time is higher than of the selling cycle.
While the two finished with the purchase, the purchase cycle begins in the mind of the future buyer when the need appears and the sales cycle begins when we capture the future client data.
This second step is always a time after the need appears in the mind of the future client.
Usually talk much more than how to accelerate the cycle of selling, CRMs, etc.. However is as important or more deepen our future customer buying cycle.

Why is it so important to know our future customer buying cycle?

It is more than important. It is essential.
The buying cycle comprises all phases through which passes a future client since it gives account you need something until you buy it.
Here comes the important:
At every point in the cycle the user needs a different interaction type. The way you want to be treated is different if it is just the beginning of the cycle that ultimately, so the marketing activities that we do in every moment must be of a different kind.
Therefore, to be able to act differently in time we need:
  • 1 - know perfectly well what is the cycle of our potential buyers
  • 2 - have them identified to be able to go to them.
To make this work, it is necessary to identify them (catch data) as soon as possible better, i.e. nearer the time appeared his need. It is then when we can also begin to study their purchase cycle. As before, no data we had it very difficult.
And now comes the interesting part.
The purpose of this post isn't really more to emphasize that the ideal would be that our sales cycle began as closely as possible when buying cycle begins.
The sooner we can identify the purchaser, for longer you can influence during its process of research, creation of judgement and decision. With this we will be able to:
  • Know the time of the purchase cycle
  • Know the tempo in which evolve our buyers throughout the cycle and therefore adapt our marketing initiatives to optimize its effectiveness
  • Influence them throughout this process
  • and finally accelerate enormously the sales cycle once already are prepared to buy
Published for educational purposes

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