Why is my dog tube dry? is it normal?

The dog's nose is one of the main health indicators for the eyes of the owner. It is well known that if you have wet truffle, the animal is healthy. Now, the opposite does not have problems. It must not forget that throughout the day, our friend is, of moving from one side to another, stretches long periods of time at a site or another, put their noses everywhere... in short, subjected his body to different temperatures, humidity, weather, etc.
This may cause dry its snout, and even cracking, but with a series of care should return to its normal state. Now, before going into detail, it should not be forgotten that cracked skin tends to be annoying, painful when just peeling, flaking, or even losing their pigmentation. So get to work Yes, but with a bit of left hand also. Here are the steps to follow the truffle of our pet care:
  • Clean nose with SOAP specific dog (with one lower ph).
  • Lubricate with petroleum jelly or similar truffle, using sparingly to avoid that the animal swallowed too with their subsequent licking.
  • Leave that you moisten with clean, fresh water. Always give you the option of having water nearby.
  • Avoid to be too long on the outside when temperatures (both high and low) are excessive.
If despite everything, their truffle not showing signs of improvement, is when you actually plays to worry about and contact a veterinarian to see if no regeneration of the skin of the nose of the dog means a deficiency of its immune disease, or similar meaning.
Published for educational purposes