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A network is a structure that has a characteristic configuration. The concept can refer to the interconnection of computers and other equipment/devices sharing common resources.
Data is a term that refers to information or a document to inspect or to deduct the legitimate tort of consequences.
Data network means any infrastructure that enables the transmission of information through the exchange of data. Each of these networks has been specially designed to meet its objectives, with a particular architecture to facilitate the exchange of content.
In general, these networks are based on packet switching. They can be classified differently depending on the physical architecture, the size and the distance covered.
Depending on the scope (the scope), a data network can be either a personal area network (PAN or Personal Area Network), a local area network (LAN), a metropolitan area network (MAN) or a wide area network (WAN), among other types.
A PAN network is a network that connects computers located near a person, while a LAN network promotes the exchange of data in a small area (such as an office or a building).
The MAN network, in turn, provides coverage over a large geographical area and WAN network, over a larger geographical area. This means that a data WAN network allows to share data in a region of great extent.
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