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Concept and Meaning of Educational Reform

The action and the effect of reform is the reform. The word 'reform' is to modify or amend something or redo a religious order to his discipline of origin.
Educational (female education), in turn, means for education, which can be defined as the process of socialization of individuals. Education allows individuals to learn and to assimilate knowledge and develop behavioral and cultural awareness.
The concept of educational reform (or school reform), therefore, concerns the modification of the education system with the aim of improving it. These initiatives have several approaches, because they can grow from different points of view and analysis of the situation carried out by those who have encouraged the reforms.
The educational reform should be encouraged from a broad social consensus because education affects the whole of society and should never depend on an ideology or a Government. When the education reform satisfied only with the interest of the authority of the moment, this is normally a political commitment to disseminate a vision skewed from reality and to train the new generations in the dominant message.
Beyond the political component, the educational reform can be done for updating teaching methods and to adapt the topics/material to news. The inclusion of the Internet and digital tools in education / teaching is one of the innovations present in most education reforms which are being promoted today.
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