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An idiom (or idiomatic phrase) is a fixed expression whose meaning cannot be deducted in the literal sense, i.e., from the words that make up the expression. It is a language defect that allows to condense an idea in a few words and to convey this concept to all those who share the same language.
See some examples of idioms in the French language to understand how they work. The expression "beating around the Bush" is used to describe any person who does not a subject directly, but which attempts to address the situation in subtle ways and a roundabout way, either intentionally or inadvertently: "the police asked the suspect do not turn around the pot and to explain clearly what he was doing.
The idea of surprise someone "red-handed" on the other hand, refers to the Act of out a person while she does something illegal or wrong: "the boy's mother caught him red-handed: it was just climbing on a Chair to catch the sweets.
"Being in the Moon" is the idiom used to describe someone who is distracted or who are not paying attention to what he does: 'Today, you're in the Moon' I
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