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Layout is an English term (layout, in french). The concept can be translated as 'available' or 'plan' and has a very widespread in the field of technology use.
The concept of provision is often used to name the model of distribution of elements in a design. It is common that the designer who devoted himself to the creation of web pages developed a layout and submit it for the approval of the client to decide the distribution of content.
The layout, in this sense, may be a kind of model which presents tables or non-filled spaces. The idea is that from the page layout, the site began to develop its specific content. The layout may consist, for example, a rectangle as a head and three columns. This scheme is generic and can be used to construct multiple websites.
The top can include the header of the page (with the name of the company or publication), in the column of left would appear the sections of the site (who we are, what we do, etc.), the middle column would be for the development of content and the right for advertising column.
It is common in the field of the Internet to offer free with layouts and whether users to personalize the content themselves. The creator does not require that its references appear somewhere on the site so that those wishing a more complex development to contact.
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