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Plan is a term that comes from the latin planus and that refers to something flat, smooth or featureless. In the field of geometry, a plane is a surface with these characteristics or to the referring to the belonging or linked to the plan.
In this sense, a plan is an element that has only two dimensions and has points and lines at infinity. It can be followed by a capital letter. For example: 'Professor asked us to identify three points in plan A and a B-segment in the plan,' "on plan X, one can see that the two variables intersect.
A plan, on the other hand, is a schematic on a certain scale of construction, land, a city, a machine or something else: "architect already showed me the House plans: I am very happy", 'We need Town Hall approves the plans before you begin construction', ' do you have a plan of the city? '' I wonder if we are far from the Cathedral".
A plan may also be the position or the point of view of what is considered a situation or something: "I do not understand the purpose of this author: I think that it should be under another plan", "I think it was a failure in sporting terms but the behaviour of the players are worthy of recognition."
For film and television, a plan is part of a film shot in a single take: 'actor was dissatisfied with this plan and asked to redo a plug', 'we shot the scene under four different plans.
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