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Retailer is an adjective that is used in the trade to refer to the activity carried out at retail. By extension, the term is also used as a noun referring to he or she who marketed under this modality (retail / unit).
Examples: "retail clothing sales increased by 26 per cent last year ', 'my father a retail of articles for the household', 'it seems that the Spanish chain of retail stores will install in the country over the next six months.
The sale or retail distribution is one that runs a business to the final consumer. In the supply chain, therefore, it is the last link because the product arrives at its destination.
Take the case of the tomato. In the first place, there is a farmer who is in charge of the tomato crop. The product is sent from the field to a collection centre, as a market. A neighborhood grocery store buys tomatoes in bulk and then sells them at retail to the final consumer. The grocery store is the retailer.
The gain for the retailer is the difference in price between the product purchased in bulk and sold at retail. In the first case, the merchant of vegetables (the grocery store) can buy 100 kg of tomatoes for 400 euros, implying that the kilo is 4 euros. By selling at retail in his establishment, the price is 4.5 euros per kilo. Therefore, if he manages to sell 100 pounds of tomatoes, he has earned 50 euros.
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