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Ischia is an island located in the South of Italy which each year receives thousands of tourists. It is fantastic to disconnect in the holiday period because you can enjoy Sun, sea and the peace of mind that it is impossible to find in the big city.
It is known that, but also by its parties and traditions, in addition to the legends and secrets hidden in art and religion. In the Garden & Villas Resort know, and therefore speak of the activities that you can practice during the months of may, June, July and August.

Brief description of the hotel

It is a four stars Superior which has 43 rooms and 9 villages, all cared for down to the maximum and overlooking the Bay of Naples or a lush Park of 3 hectares. Furniture exhibit soft and delicate lines, and merge with the environment of the island to be inspired by the indigenous nature.
In May there is a celebration that you can't miss. It is the Santa Restituta, from 16 to 18. Lacco Ameno, which is where it takes place, is 500 meters from the Garden & Villas Resort.
The cult by Santa Restituta was imported from Carthage in the year 429.
In Forio, two kilometres from the hotel, is celebrated the start of the summer. Specifically from 14 to 17, which is when the celebration of San Vito. There are two key moments: the worship of the faithful to the patron saint and the fair centre, next to the Marina. The latter is livened by concerts and performances of Italian bands.
The feast of Santa Ana is the star of this month. It is known as the Festival of the sea in the pitfalls of Santa Ana and is held in the Centre of Ischia, a 30-minute bus ride from the hotel. It takes place on day 28 and serves to pay homage to the ancient tradition of fishermen, who caught a boat to carry their pregnant women to the Bay of Cartaromana.
The 26th of this month you can travel to the past. How? Walking, nothing more. This is because it is celebrated the parade of Sant'Alessandro in the small village with the same name, which is a 25-minute drive from the hotel Garden & Villas Resort. Those involved are dressed with historical costumes, that is why you can feel like in another century.

Price of a double room in August

Spend a night in a double room in the most vacation month of the year can cost you around $ 200.
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