How the universe evolved | Earth, Solar System and Universe.

Astronomers are convinced the majority that the universe arose from a huge explosion (Big Bang), between 13,700 and 13.900 million years before the present time.
The first signs of this fact were discovered by the American astronomer Edwin Hubble, in the 1920's, when it stated that the universe is expanding and clusters of galaxies away from each other. The theory of general relativity proposed by Albert Einstein also predicts this expansion.
If we make a "picture of the universe" at a given moment, we don't see their current status, but its history. Light travels at 300,000 km. per second. Even when looking at the Moon (the nearest celestial object), we see as it was more than one second ago.
In this chapter we will see how it has shaped the universe and how it evolves. We will also give a review materials that form it, the forces that direct it and the movements that originate.
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