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It is a tool that allows you to analyze and evaluate the programs and activities of a company, as well as their adaptation to the environment and the situation at the time; i.e., it examines all areas of the company and find out the opportunities and threats, or what is even more important, indicates the areas for improvement on which act to increase the profitability of the company.
It is also defined as a full, systematic, independent and periodic examination of the environment of marketing, target strategies and business activities of a company or a business unit, with the intention of determining threats and opportunities and recommend a plan of action which aims to improve their performances in the field of marketing.
For this reason, the audit of marketing should be an analysis that is done in a systematic, objective and independent, because to ensure us reliability, without having doubts that come into play personal interests by certain sectors of the company, it is advisable that the audit is carried out by consultants to the company.

The audit of marketing used to differentiate six parts:

( to) environment audit: is the element of the audit of marketing than major analysis forces and trends in the macro, as well as the main factors of the environment: markets, customers, competition and commercial distributors, suppliers and other stakeholders.
( b) Strategic Marketing Audit: is based on reviewing the objectives and marketing strategies to evaluate how they have adapted to the current environment and the previously planned.
( c) audit of organization of Marketing: this element aims to assess the capacity of the Organization of marketing to create and put in practice the strategy necessary pair reach the desired objectives.
( d) audit of Marketing systems: element audit of marketing that involves an examination of the quality of systems analysis, planning and control in the area of marketing, as well as the system of information and the development of new products.
( e) productivity of Marketing Audit: consists in the consideration of profitability of different components of marketing and the effectiveness of cost of various disbursements in this area.
( f) audit of functions of Marketing: this element consists of an in-depth evaluation of; as main functions of marketing programs, including product, price, distribution, sales force, advertising, promotion and public relations.

Points that are developed in an audit of marketing

  • Analysis of the environment of the company
  • Analysis of the market trends
  • Analysis of the behaviour of buyers
  • Analysis of the competitive structure
  • Analysis of the situation of the products
  • Analysis of the roles of marketing company

Time to be performed an audit of Marketing.

Also offers the possibility to discover the shortcomings and to detect problems that a company can be found in the future; i.e., it acts preventively. For this reason, the marketing audit should not be performed only in moments in which the company is in trouble. Given this preventive nature, must be carried out periodically and regularly, at least once a year, avoiding thus that future changes take us unawares.
But in times of crisis the marketing audit is a more powerful strategic tool if possible? We must bear in mind that any crisis brings intrinsic wealth of opportunities that we must know to use; among other things, we must not forget that in these situations the competition does not increase, but on the contrary, decreases considerably.
Many market segments remain without seeing covers your needs, and at the moment is that, if our company has made regular audits of marketing, will be in a privileged position, since it will not only remain in the market, but you can increase its share of customers.
It is true, that the conduct of an audit of marketing fails to solve all problems, but does provide a solid base of information and action. Remember that allows us to be prepared before any kind of suddenly and prevents problems, because when you see coming in advance, time always played in our favor.

Importance of Marketing audit

Marketing audits are, today, one of the best tools to analyze and correct possible deviations of the market and, what is even more important, to discover the areas of improvement that Act and, this way, increase the profitability of the company. Marketing auditing thus becomes the most beneficial to its potential investors option.
It is also a tool perfect for crisis situations, since it helps to solve them and out of them successfully.
Obviously, Marketing audits do not solve all the problems that may arise in the bosom of a company, but do provide a picture of the situation of the moment that defines the lines of action to deal with any threat that can make appearance in the future. I.e. they act preventively.
Hence the marketing audit not be carried out only in moments of crisis, but periodically and regularly, at least once a year, getting so as to avoid changes in the market caught us off guard.
Despite all these advantages, franchises have a barely explored field in the audit. However, it seems that little by little, things are changing, and although it is still barely used, the fact is that more and more franchises have realized the importance of carrying out an expensive audit to run your business in the best possible way.
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